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The Relationship Guru who speaks of the importance of making a good first impression speaks the truth, and often- appearance is the first impression. We notice how someone looks because it is human nature, and though we all have different expectations and desires for our future partners, we do appreciate when someone takes the time to look nice and smell nice for us. First impressions, when dating, can make or break a deal and definitely impact any future dates.

When asked honestly if appearance matters when considering a relationship, most people would agree that while a wonderful personality combined with a good sense of humor, a responsible work ethic, and good morals and values make for a promising “catch” we would prefer someone who also believes in good personal hygiene. This may sound a little trite, for a lack of a better word, but honestly – when we are imagining ourselves getting close to someone…we are thinking of being really close!

If this concerns you, fear not – this does not have to be a high-pressure situation. You are who you are, and for someone out there you are perfect! It is a good philosophy to do the best with what you have to work with, because if you have to change yourself completely to be with someone, chances are you will not be very happy. Making a good impression with what you have to work with is simple and will create confidence which is also a very important attribute to many people.

Take your time getting ready before a first date so you can feel calm, cool, and collected. Taking a shower and wearing clean clothes is an important first step here, and though it has not been confirmed if the so-called “relationship guru’s” and the “Tooth Fairy” have a close bond, it is common knowledge that if you must eat before the date you should avoid eating foods which may give you bad breath such as onions and garlic. For best results, brush and floss your teeth regardless of whether or not you ate those foods, and if it makes you feel better keep some mints on hand

First impressions can make or break a deal and impact whether or not there is a second date, but be confident in who you are and remember you did score the date, therefore you have a chance. Go in with a positive attitude, a great smile, and an open mind and give yourself that chance!

Relationship Guru


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