relationship dilemmasThe modern world has brought with it a new set of rules in the dating and relationship scene. This fast moving world has made relationships less relevant for our survival. People have no time for love and commitment and relationships are failing because of the modern rules of dating and relationships. The traditional roles that men and women played in a relationship are almost nonexistent. It is not uncommon for couples to have non- exclusive relationships and have multiple sex partners. Couples also cohabit-ate without any commitment and having babies out of wedlock is the newest trend. The high rate of divorce and separation rates are driving couples to prefer living as partners instead of getting married. All of these scenarios result in Relationship Dilemmas.

Relationship Dilemmas

2016 can be a year of resolutions for modern relationships. it should be the year we adopt some traditional morals to see if that will make relationships work. We can go back to valuing commitment and dismissing open relationships. It should also be a year where we focus more on our relationships and create time for our loved ones and make them feel appreciated. You can also try and realize some of the dreams you have as a couple and save up and visit and exotic places. If the relationship is serious enough then why not put a ring on it? This should be a year of equality, loving the other person more than they love you is fine but you should give up the “lone wolf” act and learn to ask for what you want. It will not only make both of you happy but will make your partner appreciate you more.

It should be a year of absolution from being hurt from a previous relationship that might be keeping you from healing. You should also absolve yourself from any guilt from a relationship that ended badly and move on. Absolving yourself from pain and guilt will allow you to start a new relationship without any baggage. Partners should also absolve each other from any pain and guilt and move on. 2015 should be the year of dissolution from bad relationships. It should be a year you take your life back from abusive, cheating controlling partners. It is a year where we you should start loving yourself more. Demanding love and respect is a right that every partner should expect. 2015 resolutions, dissolution, or absolution is what we need to make relationships work.

Modern Relationship Dilemmas


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