Relationship Destroyers

Each and every relationship has its fair share of ups and downs. Other than the usual deal-breakers, such as infidelity, some inherent behaviors could pose a potential risk to your relationship. What matters most is to identify such behaviors and making a deliberate effort to overcome them. Here are 5 Relationship Destroyers you should be aware of.

1. Self-Righteousness is a Relationship Destroyer

At times, most of us find it difficult to admit we are wrong. Should you find yourself in this trap, remember that a relationship takes two and you are equally responsible for some decisions or actions you take. Being too self-centered makes your partner feel neglected. Treat your partner the same way you would like for them to treat you and be willing to make sacrifices for the sake of the relationship.

2. Being Clingy Destroys Relationships

There is nothing wrong with being attached to your partner. However, overdoing it can make your partner feel suffocated in the relationship. Becoming too attached to your partner can also predispose you to low self-esteem and depression issues. Allow him/her to have some time with friends, and spend time with your friends too.

3. Resolve Old Issues

Each of us has a past that we may or may not be very fond of. Maybe you had drug issues, sexual abuse, a rough childhood, or an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend you really loved. Whichever the case, you need to limit the amount of baggage you carry into the current relationship. Such issues can greatly upset your partner and cause an unnecessary rift in your relationship. Focus on the present and work on resolving past issues that may be affecting your relationship.

4. Insecurity Destroys Relationship

Insecurity negatively affects how you feel about yourself and spills over into what you think of your partner. Most often, it makes it difficult for you to trust your partner. Trust is the fundamental pillar of a fulfilling relationship and you should be careful not to let jealousy creep in. While a little jealousy is healthy, too much of it can make your partner feel trapped. Communicate openly and seek clarification to issues you are not sure of.

5. The Negative Effects of Addictions on Relationships

Anything that makes you spend a lot of time away from your partner is a threat to the relationship. Spending too much time away from your partner or communicating less because of an addiction (positive or negative), can make your partner feel neglected or unappreciated. It is helpful to find a balance between your hobbies your relationship. Confront addiction issues directly as denial will not make the problem go away. Be open with your partner about it and/or seek professional help where necessary.


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