Relationship Depression

Coping with relationship depression can be really difficult and it does not only affect the sufferers but also the people who love them and live with them. Once depression sets in, it is hard to overcome it, therefore it is best to beat it before it beats you. Physical activities have been proven over and over again to help prevent depression. As someone suffering the illness on and off, I know from personal experience that exercise helps. Whatever your activity of choice, as long as you keep your body moving, it will help.

Feeling depressed is really hard, I know, I’ve been there and I'm still struggling to cope with it some days. It’s not just a simple feeling of sadness when we are lonely or alone. It is not simply feeling irritable when we are tired or feeling angry when someone we trust and love hurts us.

Enjoyment is key

Depression is a constant feeling of despair, inadequacy, helplessness, lethargy. When I’m depressed, I struggle to enjoy things around me and I feel equally guilty for not being able to enjoy my family. I want to engage them and yet I can’t get myself to give them my full attention. I just want to sit down and stare at something.

Different people have different symptoms of depression, some of us may feel restless, agitated, we can’t concentrate and we have trouble sleeping. We either can’t fall asleep or we keep waking up in the middle of the night. In my case, I know that depression is coming when I start doubting myself and my ability, I feel extremely tired and can’t get up in the morning and I have very restless nights. I also start feeling very impatient about things.

Tapping out

Sadly, there are times when we can’t fight it by ourselves, or we are too tired to fight anymore. Equally sad is the fact that seeking psychiatric help still holds some stigma. However, when things are too difficult to handle, the only way to get better is to seek help. Seeking medical help does not necessarily mean taking medication. In fact, I find that simply talking to someone who knows helped me as much as taking the medication. So, if you feel that the world is crashing in on you, seek help. Don’t isolate yourself. It is so easy to just simply shut out the world around us and curl up in a ball, but it’s is not the best solution.

Are you suffering from loneliness and relationship depression? One out of every three people are, and loneliness is a major factor of relationship depression. Being able to first accept, as opposed to denying the fact that you are depressed is a huge first step to resolving the problem.

So if that’s you, here are some useful tips to overcome loneliness and depression:
Read some funny books. Watch funny TV shows. Look for funny videos on Youtube. Find something that makes you laugh out loud, and do it every morning. Laugh for 5 minutes even if it seems silly. After you laugh for a minute or two, you’ll eventually think of something funny or just laugh at the fact that you’re laughing for no reason. Definitely, you will feel much less lonely and depressed. You can find someone to share a laugh much easier than a tear.

Always practice gratitude

Practice being thankful. Everyone has something to be thankful for… Make a list of 20 things that you are grateful for… Pick 5 every morning and you’ll start understanding why you shouldn’t be wallowing in a state of depression. This helps you shift your focus from the negatives in your life to the positives.

If you believe in God, write 20 sentences starting with “Thank God I am, do have …. If you don’t, just start with “I’m grateful for or because”. Two good statements to start with are “I’m grateful because I lived to see another day. Life itself is the greatest gift of all.” and “I’m grateful because I have the wisdom to be grateful. By being grateful, I focus on good things in my life. I feel better. And as a result, I attract even more “good things.”

When you become a more positive person, not only will you not feel depressed, but you will be more open to building relationships with other people, allowing other people to be more open with you. This is definitely one of the best ways to deal with loneliness and depression. Taking Care of and Loving YOURSELF. It all starts from within.

Take good care of your body with health, and fitness

Loneliness and depression are as related to your body as it is to your mind and heart. When you start feeling better, stronger, and healthier, you feel more positive and also become more active and outgoing. Therefore, take a good look at your health habits, and make a few simple changes in the positive direction. Start doing regular exercise if you are not doing so already. This does not mean you have to go to the gym or buy a treadmill. Start walking around the park, dance to your favorite song in the morning, or try walking your dog.

If your schedule allows, go to bed early and get up early. Even 15 minutes earlier than regular will help. Try eating healthier foods. Like our mothers said: “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. Eat an apple or another piece of fruit before you eat anything else. Little changes, done regularly, build great habits and improves discipline, which in turn build confidence.

Start attracting positivity

When your confidence grows, so do your positive emotions and you can easily overcome your loneliness and depression. People tend to be attracted to confident, positive, social people because they feel better around them.

Last and most Important-Seek God. It is not easy and takes time and effort. Build that relationship trust. If you haven’t tried it, don’t knock it. God is love. We all need love. It is sad that some people will laugh and see this advice as crazy. I’ve been there. Read the Bible, take what you can from it. Pray. Go to church. Seek the Lord, He knows you best. He loves you unconditionally no matter what. You going to be okay.


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