When and How to Perform a Relationship Checkup

Relationships can be messy and difficult to understand, and sometimes it's hard to know if you should end a relationship. Performing a relationship checkup can often be the determining factor of whether or not a relationship can be worked out, or should be terminated. That being said, when you are performing a relationship checkup it's important to remember that not every relationship is meant to be.

There is a trend in older generations where they judge this generation for ending relationships instead of "working them out". There is a flaw in this perspective, and it is, not every relationship can or should be "worked out". In relationships that are not meant to be, too often "working it out" is really just an exaggeration of ignoring the problems and tolerating them, which causes bitterness. A relationship should make both parties better not bitter.  Perform routine checkups in order to ensure continual satisfaction for you and your partner.

Your Relationship Checkup

To perform a relationship checkup is as simple as having a conversion with your partner about your relationship. You and your partner should discuss what you both want out of the relationship. During this process, it is important to be entirely open and honest. If either of you lies to spare feelings or for some other reason, neither of you will get anything out of your relationship checkup. If both of you are honest, then evaluate if there are any unworkable incompatibilities.

Assess any differences between what each of you said you wanted from the relationship. And what both of you are happy to offer in a relationship. Make compromises. But both of you have to look deep within yourselves and think hard about what the relationship means to each of you. Compromises are difficult because they essentially make both parties slightly unhappy in some way. But a compromise is better for a relationship than one person constantly giving into the other's demands.

Ending A Relationship

Start to think about how much work the relationship is and will be, and about how much you will have to compromise. Then you can weigh this against all the good you get out of the relationship. You can now both safely make your decision on whether or not the relationship should continue. Ending a relationship after a checkup can be hard. Ultimately,  you will know for sure the reason(s) why you ended it. And if a relationship comes out of a checkup strong.  The relationship is working for both of you, and that it is truly meant to be. You will know.

Overall, performing a relationship checkup will do nothing but ensure the maximum happiness for both you and your partner.

Performing A Relationship Checkup


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