Regret Into Purpose

Many times we do things that we end up regretting, but I often wonder, do we think that there are instances when God gets shocked at the decisions we make? Do we ever believe that there are instances when God has lost control over our lives? He is able to turn regret into purpose and turn misfortune around.

Well, some situations make us humans feel left out, situations that convince us that we are completely lost and can not recover, situations that drain us of the will to want to live. There are times when we have no direction in our lives, times when nothing seems to make sense. However, during these times, there is hope for us all. There is always God.

God Is In Charge

God had a purpose for each and every one of us even before putting us in our mother's wombs. Nothing that happens in our lives happens as a surprise to our Maker. He allows everything that happens, and He is in charge of it all. God does not make trial guesses with our lives; He only takes sure bets.

In every situation that you go through, you are supposed to learn a new aspect of our Maker. One cannot contain the Maker; He is beyond our understanding and comprehension. He allows us to go through the things we go through so we can understand Him and understand the way He works. But when you think you know the fullness of your Maker, He proves you wrong by showing you a different aspect of Himself.

Nothing Left To Chance

These happenings allow life to have a purpose; without them, life would be boring, without new things to learn, and without any expectations. Furthermore, we are all called to greatness; greatness lies in every man and woman. Destiny is molding you through life's circumstances. The start of your journey does not determine the end.

Purpose Out of Pain

Listen, regrets are good; they will help you learn and grow; you become aware of the direction not to go in again. It is not until you understand the plan of your life is already worked out. Our Maker has a purpose for you and that purpose will emanate out of the mistakes in your life by turning regret into purpose.

See beyond your regrets and produce something magnificent from them. They are not always mistakes. And as you perceive them from a different perspective they become guideposts and directives of the greater good....

Your purpose and reason for living.


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