Relationships are not always as smooth as we wish them to be. Any healthy relationship is faced with ups and downs repeatedly. The success of a relationship is however determined not by its ups and downs but by the efforts put into amending it when it is challenged. And so, the question, how do you go about Reconciling a Broken Relationship?

The Secret To Reconciling a Broken Relationship

The first thing to do when you are attempting to reconcile a broken relationship is to take some time away from each other. This allows both of you time to cool off after arguments and fights. You also get the opportunity to miss each other, something that may not happen if you are together all the time. You should also take this time away to think about the relationship; think of what you could do differently to help build a stronger relationship. Rather than entirely lay blame on your partner; try to view the current break up from your partner’s perspective. This way you can really begin to move towards reconciling a broken relationship.

Communication is the next key in reconciling a broken relationship. Lack of communication is a major enemy to a successful relationship. It is very important that you talk to each other and share what you truly feel about issues. It could be that the only cause for the fights that you are engaging in are underlying issues other than what you’re actually fighting about, ‘phantom menaces’ if you will. Or, in current relationship vernacular, “skeletons in the closet”. But how will your partner know what you are incensed about if you don’t tell them? Learn to speak up and open up to your partner for a healthy relationship.

The next thing to do when reconciling a broken relationship is to discuss the path forward. Moving forward will be determined by finding solutions to the problems that contributed to the current situation. If you cover up issues and forge forward simply because you are afraid of losing your friendship, more potential problems await you. Analyze the issues you are facing first then find solutions to help you avoid them in future and move on without pointing fingers.

In reconciling a broken relationship get practical. Talking and sharing is very crucial. So is making amends and moving forward. But all of this will be useless if you do not put it in practice. If you have been apart for a while; the most practical thing for you to do is to get back together. Once you have done that; start implementing all the other things that you agreed to and see how it works.

Reconciling a broken relationship is not as hard as you may have thought, but it will take time and effort from the both of you. Hopefully, this article will help you get your loved one back.

The Secret To Reconciling a Broken Relationship

Theodore Lovelace


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