What do you really want in a relationship?

The sad truth about Relationships is that most of us aren’t really honest about what we’re looking for in a partner. When you ask a woman what she’s looking for in a man, more often than not she’ll say “a sense of humor.” But if that were true, Weird Al Yankovic would be considered the sexiest man in America. Men aren’t any more honest about what they’re looking for. They almost always mention a woman’s body first, but as any man can tell you, looks aren’t everything in a relationship? She can have a “’Body by Fisher but a mind by Mattel”!

So what do you really want in a relationship? To determine that, you need to spend some time soul-searching and being very honest with yourself. Think about your past relationships and try to remember the best parts of each of them. What was it about those relationships that made you the happiest? Some people enjoy having a relationship with someone who shares their interests. Others are looking for a partner who is independent and has a life of their own away from the relationship.


There is no right answer, other than what makes you happy. And that means you shouldn’t be so concerned what your friends might think or whether your family will approve. You are the person that is going to be in this relationship and ultimately you are the one who needs to be happy. If you’re attracted to someone from a different background or someone who has different beliefs, don’t let that scare you off. Be brutally honest and ask yourself if you would be happier with them or without them. You’ll be shocked at how often your answer won’t be the one you expected to get before your soul-searching.

Making Mistakes

You’re likely to make some mistakes along the way. Even though we all claim to know what we want, a lot of the time we’re wrong. That’s why so many people end up in happy marriages with someone who “wasn’t my type.” They were your type; you just weren’t open to it until you were ready. Go on a date with someone nice that you’re not initially attracted to. You’d be surprised how often a charming and kind person can suddenly become your best friend and then someone you find irresistible.

And maybe that’s the ultimate point about finding a great relationship. You need to date some people you might not pick normally, just to see if you learn anything about yourself. Love can come out of nowhere and the biggest reason to go on those bad dates is that they help you get ready to recognize when your special someone comes along.

What do you really want in a relationship?



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