Most parents do not have children in order to have little slaves or caretakers. Most parents have children to have little carbon copies of themselves to love, and to raise to be civilized human beings on this planet who may someday change the world. Unfortunately, our best plans can be delayed by uncomfortable circumstances.

Kids Raising Parents?

Our society of parents have begun to parent in a far different way than generations past. It is trendy to be your child’s friend. It is trendy to allow your child freedoms they are not emotionally equipped to handle. Discipline and consequences are a thing of the past. Children are showered with more than they deserve. They are placed in front of video games and televisions, for babysitting purposes, because some parents are so busy glamorizing, socializing, and trying to make a living, they do not have the time to do the difficult part of parenting. Our society has gotten so busy acquiring things to project an image, no one including the younger generation, knows how to slow down to focus on what’s important.

The unfortunate ramifications our society now faces with the younger generation is this: they are either behaving like immature adults, disrespectful, entitled, and inconsiderate, or they are placed in situations where they have to grow up quickly and handle adult problems that they are not equipped to deal with. The latter are children who live with parents who are so involved with themselves, the children feel the need to take care of, and parent the parents who should be parenting them.

Childhood is a short life experience. Parents need to step up and be parents. No child should be placed in the position of raising their parents. Children should not lose their childhood because their parents are not handling their job as parents, responsibly. As harsh as it sounds parents took on the responsibility of being parents and as long as their children are at the age of innocence, parents do not have the luxury of being distracted. Parents cannot check out because things are not going the way they had planned. It is the parents job to guide their children to maturity.

Adult parents should know the rules of society. Adult parents know how hard adulthood is. They have to teach their children the skills necessary to survive the adult world. Parenting is tough work but rewarding work. Stand tall parents and parent. When your children venture out into society as adults, you want them to be able to handle this world and the challenges of this world responsibly. The world will not care if they had to raise you while raising themselves.

Kids Raising Parents?


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