Dating Yourself Into A Psychotic Disorder

Are you dating yourself into a Psychotic Disorder? Hey, don’t just giggle, It happens. You are dating to find your soul mate and you want it to be a great match, so you can have that relationship that fulfills you. It is a great goal and it is what every sincere person is looking for when they are seriously dating. However, your desires to believe and try to make things work may just be tipping the scales in a direction you don’t want to go.

Don’t be a bi-polar dater!

First, let’s look at some of the characteristics of being bipolar.

mood swings


racing thoughts


increased activity

abundance of alcohol use

change in sleep habits


Okay, so admit it. You have looked at the list and said quietly to yourself. “Well, most people have some of that going on. Even when they are just getting ready for a date. It can’t be a serious problem.” You may have even smiled. It is true, all those things can happen just while getting ready for your first date with someone. Isn’t that normal?

Perhaps, but how far does it go, and does it become the norm for every dating encounter? Are you busy finding someone who loves you just the way you are or are you busy becoming ‘The One’ you think your date mate wants? Like most things in life the key is to bring balance to the situation. It is important to do what feels balanced and normal for you.

Here are some things that may help you be true to yourself when participating in the dating world.

Being true to yourself

You meet someone, and they are all about you doing new things “they” like. If you have been on three dates and are still trying new things “they” like, “they” are not interested in “your” hobbies, desires and thoughts. “They” are seeing if you can accommodate “their” needs without considering “yours”. If you continually do this, you lose yourself. Insist on being an equal partner, even when dating.

Excitement is good

Excitement is good, fun, and an important part of dating, if it is shared. If one of you is excited and prepared to go the extra mile and the other one is not, someone is heading for one of those psychotic disorders to try and force the relationship to be the “one” that pays off.

Reality date

If you have never had one, it is time you learn about a reality date. It is the date where you are not trying to impress, change or work on anything. It is the date where you feel comfortable enough to say “This is who I am today and my dreams are going to take me here in the next two years.”

It is the time to look at the person outside of the physical attraction and look into their heart and mind. This is the date that keeps you from slipping into a series of psychotic disorders trying to make every date mate, ‘The One’. It is not the first date. But it might be the last one.

Dating has a purpose. It is only “fun” for so long. A lasting relationship is the end goal. Make it happen the healthy way.

Dating Yourself Into A Psychotic Disorder


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