A Pretty Package

Finding a mate in the jungle of the world can be intimidating. In a place where cultures and personalities collide, it’s a wonder that anyone makes it through the maze of uncertainty and into their partner’s loving embrace. But it can be done. The key is looking beyond the Pretty Package or the fancy window display and entering into the store, where you can shop around for a person’s true value. Simply by being created human we are made into shallow beings. While a person’s looks may not tell the whole story, it’s definitely the trigger that peaks interest, creates intrigue and ultimately brings another person to their knees. It’s not about love at first sight, but it’s about presenting an image that collects one’s best features.

What Is Normal

Society presents us with what we as a collective have deemed “normal”, “beautiful” and “exceptional”. Any magazine, billboard or Hollywood icon will give us something to work with. We’re taught by the images we see out in the world that someone who is fit, acne free, successful and lusted after is the ideal candidate. But what about the guy or girl who prefers the couch, struggles with acne or is just starting out in life with not much to offer? In the end there is someone for everyone, regardless of their physical presence. Looks aren’t everything or are they?

A Scientific Breakdown

Studies exist that point to a scientific breakdown of attraction. An abstract look at why people flock to those who are deemed beautiful by our cultural standards. All of them say something similar. A strong, clean, good looking person would make the healthiest babies. But surely not everyone is out looking to get knocked-up. Sometimes having a good looking person on your arm is about status. Many believe having a handsome boyfriend or beautiful girlfriend says something positive about them. Their attractive qualities show the world that we know what we’re doing, and we’ve chosen correctly. But how much to those scientists know anyway?

Chances are, even with the defined level of beauty plastered in store windows and highlighted in television commercials, that what attracts me to a person will be different than what attracts you. Beyond the rippling pectorals and flawless style there has to be something else. Choosing a handsome or beautiful partner is only half the battle. Beyond their appealing exterior they have to have something that will get you to stay and find out more. They have to make you smile and want to be better. A good partner has to stimulate you mentally and spiritually, challenge you with their ideas and eventually teach you something about the world. The person you let walk by your side has to represent what you want out of the world. So in the end, no, looks aren’t everything. Looks may or may not be a precursor to a more meaningful journey we’re all taking together through this jungle of this world.

A Pretty Package Isn’t Everything


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