Your Life On Social Media

Would you ever share your problems in a crowded room of acquaintances? Probably, not. When you share intimate details about your personal life on Social Media that is essentially what you've done. As a society, we are so dependent on the internet and the 24-hour availability of social networks it's easy to forget who we are broadcasting to. You vent to others. Unfortunately, Facebook draws attention to the problem and exacerbates it.

In 2009, the United Kingdom reported 20 percent of divorce filings cited Facebook as a contributing factor. While social media isn't innately bad, take into consideration the impact your post will have. If you are doing one of the following things, it may be time to stop posting your life on Facebook.

Criticizing Your Significant Other

No matter the issue, criticizing your significant other in a public forum is a recipe for disaster. Multiple people addressing an issue they know very little about will only create further division in your relationship. It is imperative that you handle any problems in a private, respectful manner. Resolution to private issues cannot happen in a social forum, so quietly discuss problems at home, behind closed doors.

Provocative Talk or Dress

It may be innocent, dressing or speaking in a provocative manner, it is sure to cause conflict. Your life does not belong online if you are flirtatious. Consider how others will view your actions. Inappropriate dress and language suggest you are available and not interested in your current relationship. Being aware of how you're perceived will go a long way to prevent unnecessary arguments about social media.

Bedroom Issues

You and your significant other need intimacy. Expressing sexual issues in a social forum is a complete invasion of privacy. Sexual problems are embarrassing enough without the prying eyes of social media followers. Be mindful of what information you share. Don't risk humiliating your partner. Eliminate your Facebook feed.


There is never a good reason to make your significant other intentionally uncomfortable on social media. Regaling your Facebook friends with mortifying information is rude and hurtful. Be cognizant of what you share. Something minor to you may be shameful to your significant other.

Social media is a prominent part of today's culture so being mindful of what you post is essential to protecting your relationship. Facebook makes your life a literal open book. Give mutual respect both in person and on social media.


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