Security vs Relationship Passion...Everyone has heard of “gold diggers.” These are the women that go about snaring rich men as husbands so that they’ll be taken care of financially for the rest of their lives. The usual scenario is a beautiful young woman pursues a wealthy older man, sometimes much older man, until she’s convinced him that he’s the love of her life. It’s not always clear whether or not the men in these situations are aware that they’re being played, but even the ones that DO know, it doesn’t always matter.

Relationship Passion

There’s another scenario that comes along much more often. Believe or not, this occurs in relationships that started out normally enough. A couple builds a home and family along with saving money. They’re financially stable and things are going fine in that area. The thing that’s missing is passion. Both women and men can notice the absence of the initial spark but, usually, it’s the women that stay in the relationship regardless. However, men have also been known to think twice about leaving a marriage because of the expense and loss of income.

If you’re in a completely passionless relationship, it can be difficult to face each day with the person you’re with. Complete and utter boredom can be the undoing of most people. You probably think about leaving all the time until you get to the part about how you’ll live on the amount of money that you make. This can especially be a problem if you and your partner have been together for several years. The question becomes a matter of what’s more important: security or passion?

Before you totally give up, step back and take a good hard look at your relationship, particularly if you’re married. Careers and children go a long way in removing romance from a relationship. Both are tiring and time consuming. By the end of the day, you’re most likely too tired for anything but sleep. If there’s a slight chance that this is responsible for the lack of passion in your relationship, take some steps to remedy that. You may even want to see a marriage counselor and get some guidance on this.

On the other hand, if the thrill is truly gone and there’s no way to revive it, you’ve got a hard decision to make. Security is very important in anyone’s life make no mistake about that. But passion is also important in helping people to feel alive and exciting. If the passion is completely dead and buried in your relationship, security may not make up for the emptiness that you feel. Sure, staying in a dead relationship may be easier when it comes to security, but shouldn’t you just go ahead and plan your funeral because you’ve pretty much resigned yourself to your life being over?

Instead of rolling over and playing dead, it may be wiser to start planning and saving so that you can afford to live on your own. Of course, the choice is totally yours as to what’s more important to you. If that’s security, then you may want to take up some stimulating hobbies. If you choose passion, get started and make some things happen.

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