Overweight In Relationships

In this day and age obesity is at an all-time high. Over 35.7 percent of adult Americans are considered obese, that's one-third of the American population. So the odds that your next relationship will be with someone who is obese is 1 in 3. About 74 percent of adult men are considered overweight or obese and around 36 percent for adult women. With these numbers, it is a good chance that the next person you meet is someone who may be overweight.

Aside from the fact that obesity goes hand in hand with many serious illnesses, being overweight is a hard thing. For a good number of people, the weight creeps up on them so fast they don't realize how much they have expanded until it is too late. Not only is that person overweight but now they are depressed, dealing with self-esteem and self-worth issues. It is said by many that you can not truly love another person till you love yourself. But, for a person who is obese, loving themselves is sometimes an uphill battle.

When it comes to an obese person being in a relationship it can be very difficult mentally and emotionally. You struggle with the weight of your own unhappiness in addition to the stress of being accepted and loved by you partner. When you are uncertain of your partner's approval it can lead to thoughts of that person cheating on you or that person using you in some way or fashion. The hardest pill to swallow is that of uncertainty. If you don't know where they stand it can create a domino effect of mental and emotional stress for you and start to cause complications between you and your partner.

Interested but not Attracted

On the other hand, you yourself may be the one in a relationship with someone who is obese. You may adore the person they are but remain somewhat unhappy with their appearance. It can be a hard situation to find yourself in..... interested but not attracted. The idea that the entire concept of your relationship is conflicted can inflict you with unhappiness and stress.

Whether you are overweight or your partner is, being in a relationship can be very difficult for the both of you. That is why it is so important to look for and surround yourself with the right people. People who will empower you as opposed to tearing you down. Also, it is paramount that as humans we try our very best to be as healthy as we can, not just for the looks but for the most important reason: our overall health and emotional well-being.

Once you have found someone to date it is crucial that you both make every effort to maintain healthy communication. Let each other know likes, dislikes, concerns, and attractions. When open communication and understanding have implemented the odds of your relationship's success increases.

No Relationship Is Guaranteed

Every relationship is a trial and may even feel like a heavy burden to some. But, by trying to stay as healthy as you can, talking and listening to your partner and always being completely honest about your feelings, happiness can be achieved. The weight of being obese and in love does not have to be a downside, it can be the journey up the hill towards both a healthy life and relationship.

Overweight In Relationships


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