Women Outlive Men

On average, Women Outlive Men by five years, a generally accepted fact among researchers. Let's delve into why women outlive men: Research findings show that males are disadvantaged- biologically as well as sociologically- from conception until when they die. The following are the reasons for this:

1. Females tend to be stronger than males in the prenatal stage

According to Dr. Legato, MD, a clinical medicine professor at the Physicians and Surgeons College, Columbia University, the number of conceived boys is more than twice that of girls. However, prenatal issues and infections result in a ratio of almost one to one at birth. Boys also develop much slower than girls in the womb, which means that they have a higher probability of dying if there are premises such as brain or lung underdevelopment.

2. Men take risks

If you are a man, there is a higher probability of death from an unintended injury than if you were a woman. According to research, deaths resulting from unintended injuries are ranked third among men. However, for women, it is only the sixth cause of death. This can be attributed to biological reasons. The brain’s frontal lobes, which aid in calculating risks and responsibility, develop at a slower rate in men when compared to women. This is the reason why you always take more risks than your female friends who are the same age as you are.

3. Men die earlier from heart disease

Heart disease is ranked first among causes of death among males and females. However, as a man, you have a higher probability of developing it earlier, when compared to your female counterparts. A woman will develop heart disease a decade later. A man is also likely to die the same way. Estrogen keeps arteries in women strong and flexible, which keeps heart disease at bay.

4. Social networks among women are stronger

As a woman, your social network is stronger, when compared to a man’s. Your friends act as good medicine and as such, they can help you live longer. As a man, you tend to hold your worries and stress close to your chest. On the contrary, as a woman, you tend to talk your problems out. This helps you cope well with your worries and stress.

5. Women prioritize their health

Available statistics show that men don’t visit their doctors as often as women do. The probability of not having a regular physician is around 28%, if you are male, as shown by research done by the Health Care Research Agency. The Kaiser Foundation adds that there is a probability of about 20% that you don’t even have health insurance. As a man, you tend to minimize symptoms, as visiting a doctor is not on your priority list.

As we have seen, there are a number of factors that contribute to a longer lifespan, if you are a woman, ranging from biological to social factors like being stronger before conception, a stronger social network, taking fewer risks, and prioritizing your health. It is no wonder then that a woman will live longer than her male counterparts.



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