There is nothing in life that makes you feel more disoriented than the feeling that you have lost control of your life. There are a number of factors that contribute to this feeling of why my life feels Out Of Control . They include the following:

My life feels out of control when……

-I only do those things that seem safe for me.

This is brought on by fear. Never allow your fear to decide your fate. To play it safe all the time will never get you anywhere. You can never grow if you remain within you comfort zone.

Learn to accept reality and let go of the past and have faith in what the future holds for you. Chasing after your dreams is what makes your life meaningful. Keep chasing those dreams even if you fail several times. Your persistence will eventually bring you success.

-I always choose the easy way out.

You need to learn that nothing comes easy in life. Nobody will give you free things. You need to have determination and the will to succeed. If you believe you can achieve something with your life, you need to go for it with all your might. Start now with what you have and do what you can with all the effort you can muster.

– All that you I see are obstacles.

You need to realize that the difference between an opportunity and an obstacle is determined by how you look at it. Stop dwelling on the negatives and try to focus on the positives. Keeping your head down will make you miss life’s treasures.

There are lot of problems that you will encounter in life and to resolve them takes hard work and courage. Problems always present opportunities for you to prove your worth.

When you start seeing your obstacles as opportunities, you have gained the power to transform your pain into triumph.

-I am working hard but making no progress.

For you to attain success and happiness in life, you should focus your attention on the right things and do them in the right ways. Since you don’t have unlimited resources, it is important to utilize them in a prudent manner. Focus on doing the right work rather than being engaged in haphazard ventures.

-I have started a number of projects but haven’t completed any of them.

You will always be judged by what you complete but not what you start. The passion that you possess at the start of your project should be accompanied by the dedication to complete it.

-I allow others to decide for me.

You need to live your life in your own way. You ought to stop caring about what other people want for you and start living for yourself. You are different from everybody else and you know what makes you feel alive.

Find your passions, loves, and talents and embrace them. Stop hiding behind the decisions of other people and don’t ever let them make decisions for you. Your life will become much better if you pursue the things in life that make you happy.

Reasons Your Life Feels Out of Control


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