oprahThe success of Oprah is undeniable. You surely will agree with me that she has made it to the top. But Why Is Oprah So Successful? The keys to success are universal and a careful study of the lives of successful people will reveal common factors on their journey. But is there something exclusive to how Oprah became so successful?

Why is Oprah so Successful

Oprah is someone who dreams, and works diligently towards those dreams. From childhood she aspired to do and become what seemed to be beyond her circumstances. You can never become something you can't envision yourself to be and the visions and aspirations Oprah had is a key factor to why she is so successful.

Oprah did not only dream but believed on her dreams. The importance of this fact to why Oprah is so successful can't be overemphasized. Oprah believes that everyone has the innate potential to become great if they think and act as success demands. To be a success at something we must think and believe we can succeed. Thinking and believing we can succeed at something will help us focus on it and motivate us to give it our best. This is something she mastered with perfection and explains why Oprah is so successful.

Oprah's belief in herself came together with her passion for her dreams. She was passionate about them and made sure others knew that. The passion with which she went about sharing her dreams always made a great impression on others. With that, she was able to get others to believe in her dreams also. To become successful sometimes you need others to believe in you or what you are doing. And the passion with which she got others to believe in her is a major reason why she is so successful.

Oprah is so successful because as a young girl she learned how to survive. Obstacles and misfortunes she encountered early in life taught her lessons that became a platform for her to ride on to her journey to success. Oprah is so successful due to the fact that she possessed the ability to overcome adversity, which is a key ingredient to success. Adversity and failure are a necessary part of the process of success.

An ability to take advantage of situations has also served Oprah well on her journey to success. "I don't believe in coincidences", says Oprah. She is someone who never believed situations come by chance and when an opportunity presents itself she always grabs it with both hands. Oprah’s quick reaction to the opportunities that presented themselves is therefore another reason why she is so successful.

Oprah is so successful owing to the fact that she embraced the keys to success and developed a passion for whatever she set about doing in life. "What I know for sure is that if you want to have success you can't make success your goal," says Oprah.



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