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Every relationship we have in our lives has a success rate equal to our level and type of open Communication in that relationship. How we interact with our parents, children, friends, coworkers, romantic partners, waiters and waitresses, store clerks, and every other person we have even the slightest interaction with, is affected by how we communicate.

Communication is a fluid activity that involves our words, tone, and body language, as well as our interpretation of the words, tone, and body language of the person we are interacting with.

Communication Styles

How we communicate in all of our interactions is the primary way others create their opinions of us; our communication style indicates our level of self-satisfaction, joy, passion, integrity, education, morality, and overall attitude toward life and the individual, as well as portraying our opinions and/or knowledge.

In a romantic relationship, whether it is dating, living together, engaged, or married, open communication creates the foundation. How well we communicate with our partner is a litmus test for how well the relationship is able to withstand pressure. Because of this, understanding communication is an important step in building a healthy and loving relationship.

Open Communication

Open communication indicates communication between two people that is free of barricades, blocks, or hindrances. The concept of open communication is simple, but putting the concept to practice can be very difficult.

Open communication, in a lot of ways, is like an intricate dance in which both partners take turns leading. This dance requires that each partner feels the direction of the other, supports that direction, and replies with his or her own movement. When we agree with our partner, the dance is smooth. When we disagree, and we allow that disagreement to get us out of sync. The dance becomes jumbled and disconnected. Like a well-performed dance, open communication is a team effort. Dancing requires trust that our partner will be there to support our movements while understanding of the steps involved. Practice doing the steps as partners, and the cohesive give and take/back and forth of motion.

Communication Demands Trust

Open communication requires the trust needed to feel safe expressing ourselves. Understanding of the principles of communication as well as our partners’ style of communication. And combining each communication style, and the effective back and forth of information.

People who are able to communicate openly in their romantic relationships enjoy a depth of intimacy. This isn’t possible without clear, honest, and respectful conversations. The role of open communication is vital to building the trust, understanding, empathy, and a foundation strong enough to withstand the disagreements and problems that every relationship faces.

Communication the Very Breath of Relationships


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