Online dating is not rocket science; It’s probably easier than dating in the real world. Nevertheless, online dating has its dos and don’ts. Below are four mind blowing tips that will guarantee your Online Dating Success.

Online Dating Success

Post an attractive picture

A prerequisite if you want to achieve online dating success. People with cover photos on online dating profiles have higher chances of getting dates. A good profile picture is your selling point. You want a photo that is decent, but also eye-catchy to the opposite sex. Sunglasses are trendy, but don’t use a picture where you are wearing sunglasses as your cover photo. Your profile picture should show your dazzling smile and liquid eyes.

Add personality to your profile

You cannot have online dating success if your profile reads like a boring high school essay. Your profile tells the world who you are and reflects your individuality. When completing your profile, imagine you are having a conversation with your date. Be honest and let your perspective of the world shine. A little mystery goes a long way so don’t pour out your life history in your profile. Give enough information that will make people email you and want to find out more.

Safety first

So you have met your knight in shining armor, his emails give you an adrenaline rush. You can’t wait to introduce him to all your friends well, not so fast. Online dating can be intimidating, but you just need to take a few precautionary measures. Get to know your potential partner well before you decide it’s time to divulge private information. This may take several weeks depending on the frequency of communication. When you decide to meet in person, it’s advised you choose a public venue.

Don’t be desperate

Everybody will be more than happy to shun a person that emails them every 10 minutes; desperation is a huge turn off. Don’t be clingy. If your catch does not reply to your emails as soon as you send them, it does not always mean they’ve lost interest. They could be busy with work or personal responsibilities.

Online dating is not as daunting as many people seem to think. It’s a fairly new concept in the modern world; humans are always wary to tread unfamiliar territories. Just because it didn’t work for a few, does not mean every online dating relationship is geared for failure. Show the world your true personality; be a little mysterious, and don’t forget to stay safe. Cheers to your online dating success!

4 Secrets To Online Dating Success


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