OMG Mariah Carey Needed 6 Men to Carry Her Holiday Special Gown
Mariah Carey Apple TV+

Mariah Carey will do something within the identify of trend —together with put on a 60-pound beaded robe to make a glamorous assertion. 

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Within the performer’s new Apple TV+ vacation particular entitled “Mariah’s Christmas: The Magic Continues,” she dons an elaborate, gold beaded robe with a excessive leg slit and large practice. 

“You wish to chortle? It required six grown males to hold the practice of that gown to get me down the steps,” she recalled throughout an look on Lorraine on Friday, December 3. 

“The gown itself took 250 hours to bead. It weighed 60 kilos.,” she advised Vogue in a Thursday, December 2, interview. “Everyone was like, ‘Oh, she’s exaggerating,’ till they held it for 2 seconds.” 

She continued: “It’s not your common beading. The stones themselves had been gigantic, however they nonetheless regarded stunning and shined. It was magnificent, but it surely harm like a mom to put on it.” 

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Excessive robes are par for the course for Carey. As a result of in line with her interview with Lorraine, assembling a bunch of males to assist her get glam is an everyday prevalence.When requested what number of males she recruits to assist her when she’s dressed to the nines, Carey mentioned: “Typically it’s 5, generally it’s six … it relies on the beading.”

Whereas Carey is all the time decked out for live shows and look, she loves set of pajamas — particularly across the holidays. Her present favourite? An “adorbs” Balenciaga set. 

“At first of COVID, I used to be doing a whole lot of robes, however I’ve graduated to pajamas,” she advised Vogue. “And I’m slowly going again to love, fabulous Louis Vuitton leggings and a Rag & Bone tee.” 

She might have some favourite cozy garments, however there's a hole out there for luxe vacation slippers. So don’t be shocked if Carey drops some expensive footwear for Christmas 2022. 

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“Why can’t Louis Vuitton make pink and inexperienced slippers as a substitute of pink and beige? I wish to do an entire vacation line of pajamas, robes and slippers and have them be fabulous. I really feel like that’s one among my callings,” she joked within the interview. 

An enlargement into luxe vacation put on isn’t too far off for the singer. In any case, her web site already presents some themed t-shirts and hoodies to assist get you within the vacation spirit. You may even scoop up an “All I Need for Christmas Is You” tee with Carey’s face on it! 

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