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Imagine it or not, Google's Play Retailer is 10 years outdated in the present day.

OK, not likely. The unique Android app retailer was truly launched as Android Market in August 2008, only a month after Apple launched its App Retailer. However Google Play got here to be as a mix of a number of different providers, together with Google Music and Google eBookstore.

The corporate rebranded the entire above right into a single service referred to as Google Play again in March 2012. For some purpose, nevertheless (we requested why and can replace this text once we hear again), Google is celebrating Google Play's birthday on July 25, making in the present day the service's 10th anniversary. Bizarre, however alright.

To honor the event, Google has launched a model new emblem for Google Play, and at first, I needed to squint actually onerous to see the way it's completely different from the outdated Google Play emblem. That is as a result of the brand new emblem, similar to the outdated emblem, remains to be a right-pointing-arrow thingy with a number of coloured shapes overlapping to create a combo of inexperienced, blue, pink, and orange.

Google Play
Google Play emblem, now with much less gradient.
Credit score: Google

There are some variations, although. The brand new emblem has barely duller corners than the outdated one and the colours are uniform as a substitute of gradients. To my eyes, it is not a very thrilling change, nevertheless it's a part of a latest design trend at Google (and another internet companies) that goals to make every part as flat and easy as doable.

Google Play old logo
Outdated Google Play emblem. Extra pointy.
Credit score: Google

Google can also be giving sure advantages for Play Points members, who will get 10 occasions the factors when making Play Factors purchases beginning July 25. When you're unfamiliar with Play Factors, they seem to be a reward program by which you earn factors when making purchases, with the power to redeem them for sure in-app objects or Google Play Credit, which in flip are used for renting films or shopping for audiobooks.

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