Many people throughout the world have various misconceptions and vague ideas regarding plastic surgery. They always tend to correlate the field with the substance plastic while the word actually comes from the Greek word which means to “to mold”. The myths and realities surrounding plastic surgery include-

The Myths and Realities of Plastic Surgery……It is all about beauty and vanity.

When speaking about plastic surgery, what comes to most people’s mind are procedures like Botox facelifts and breast augmentations. The truth is that other than for cosmetic purposes, plastic surgery is also used to correct natural or accident- caused defects.

It’s Only for Women

The belief carried around is that women are the only ones that go for this procedure. However, plastic surgery is not limited to one gender. Women might be the traditional customers but we now have more men that find it convenient too. Just like the women, men also understand and have the need to look and feel good. Common procedures undertaken by men include rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and lipoplasty.

It’s Risky and Won’t Last Long

The ignorant perception of plastic surgery is that it lowers the overall quality of like. It is seen as a less quality duplicate to the natural appearance. Nevertheless, with the service of a professional, you can achieve permanent results that can be much better than your previous appearance. Just like all other surgical procedures, it may be risky but with a certified and experienced surgeon, you can safely achieve quality results.

It’s Only for the Rich & Famous

Most people tend to think this is the case since only the rich and famous are highlighted when they undertake the procedure. However, that is how the news field operates; celebrities and wealthy individuals are given top coverage. Plastic surgeons admit to having attended to average people who simply desired to restore their confidence and improve their appearance.

It’s Very Expensive

Like all other medical and surgical procedures, the cost of a plastic surgery varies depending on the detail and technique of the procedure being performed. The only sure way to determine its cost is to consult a certified surgeon that will broadly explain the details of the procedure you intend to take and give you a quote. It is, therefore, a mistake to dispense of the idea of a plastic surgery on the basis that it is costly.

These are just a few of the myths and their realities in regards to plastic surgery. Reading thoroughly on the subject will help you gather more information that should help you distinguish the facts from misconceptions.


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