Forgiving and Change

Forgiving comes with change,

And not before.

Forgiveness of yourself,

The open door.

Accept what’s real,

To erase the lies.

There is no change,

For the one that tries.

The pattern repeats,

The heat remains,

Others suffer,

Still, they gain.

Rest and trust.

That they don't know,

Which way it comes.

Or where it goes.

Look around.

Look beyond.

Look among you.

Who is wrong?

You hate the one you used to be.

The one whose eyes just cannot see.

The selfishness you so despise.

Was once the view that filled your eyes.

They cannot see the one they shamed.

They cannot see past all the blame.

the cannot change until they know.

The way they come, the way they go.

They cannot know which way it turns.

Behind the blindness you discern.

They judge more than they do.

They order what they want from you.

Why can’t they change what hurts you say?

Why can’t they go another way?

Why do they hurt the ones they know?

Why don’t they stay why did they go?

Why do they continue when everyone knows?

It is the blindness that hides their eyes.

They cannot change until they see they can no longer suck the life out of me.

As long as they take.

As long as they cause others to suffer.

As long as they feel they can manipulate, blame and control others.

They will remain in that state.

When the ones they hurt move on, and the suffering turns to the one causing the hurt.

When there is no one left to blame they will see the hurt they caused.

They will be given a choice to change. They will be given a choice to free themselves.

It’s not the forgiveness that others gave before the change that frees them.

It is the change that frees them.

They cannot truly forgive themselves until they change.

They will not truly accept the forgiveness Of others until they know they won’t continue the pattern.

Our forgiveness is a reflection of their forgiveness.

We think we are helping when we allow others to continue to hurt us.

We are hindering their own forgiveness.

We were never meant to be blamed or controlled.


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