My Perspective Is My Reality

PSALM 23………………. CHURCH Perspective (Always based on my need)

The Lord is not my shepherd because I am in “great” need. I thus find myself in dry, very dry places of reasoning where no-one leads me.

If I am by water, they are so turbulent that I cannot seem to thing straight,

So I wander in the paths of self-righteousness for my own sake- ALL ALONE!

Oh yes, I am in a valley with nothing but death ahead, and I am really scared, I am ALL ALONE, and I have

Lost my rod and staff, and I have nothing and no one to lean upon.

I have no confidence at all, and I am fed up. My security-cup is empty, and I am surrounded by those who put me down. My thinking is so very unreasonable with nothing peaceful in it……

So I can truthfully say, ‘MY CUP IS EMPTY’- I have no healing testimony’!

Failure and self-pity follow me ALL the time. I am existing in exposed uncertainty with no expectation of change……….HELP I’M TOTALLY DESTITUTE!!!

PSALM 23……………...’KINGDOM’ Perspective (Always based on His Supply)

The Lord is my mentor, my counselor, my teacher. I shall not be left on my own to figure out my problems with my limited understanding. He encourages me to trust Him for His Knowledge, His Ability, and His Faithfulness. My Teacher trains me to listen in quietness that I might hear HIM speak.

In the midst of my daily struggles, He brings calm to my anxious heart and peace to my turbulent situations. In full sight of my impure motives, He provides MORE than my need- allowing me to drink from the pool of HIS GOODNESS, because HIS FAVOR is upon me.

Down the best path—the one that is right for me—He guides me with His gentle Hand. But sometimes, when I think I have a better plan, I turn aside to follow an enticing notion. It’s those times that I find myself walking through deep and anxious valleys of strife, confusion, and frustration, of fear and uncertainty—overwhelmed by my situations. HE COMES AFTER ME, and in compassion, redirects me to the best path for me.

Throughout -my life, tragic and difficult things happen, over which I have no foreknowledge or ability to control. But He’s in control; He’s ever—watchful and working on my behalf. My Lord takes no days off and He never sleeps.

When I think I’m alone, I’m not; He’s always right there with me. Nothing happens in my life that He’s not personally aware of. He designed every minute detail, motive, and circumstance just for my benefit.

Therefore, I’m able to relax in the comfort of His wisdom, advice, PRESENCE, and care.

My Lord protects our relationship and keeps whatever I confide to Him. All my secrets are known to Him; our fellowship is sweet and comforting. When I visit with Him and anticipate His attention, I’m satisfied with more than I need. The overflow naturally finds its way to others around me.

In the present, I’m well cared for and loved, nestled in His Arms. My future days are confident and secure in my relationship with Him. How wonderful is His Loving Kindness to me TODAY and EVERYDAY FOREVER!!!!!

My Perspective Dictates My Reality


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