The relationship that you have with yourself is just as important, or more than any other relationship you may have. How you define yourself defines everything that you do. We as humans spend so much time focusing on others and what others think about us, that we rarely stop to think about the Most Important Relationship that we have. Loving yourself means having respect for yourself. How you view others is directly linked to how you view yourself. Hurting people “hurt” people and healed people “build” people.

Your Most Important Relationship.

We all judge ourselves more harshly than others may. This is because life has taught us that how we present ourselves is how others see us. Think of it this way, how do you want to be portrayed by others? Do you want them to see a responsible, hardworking, loving, kind, fun and respectful person? In order for them to see these amazing features in us, we have to be able to see them in ourselves.

We tend to let others dictate who we are, how we look or choose for us. The cure for this, is speaking up for yourself and taking control of your life. Asserting yourself will help you in every situation. A few ways you can learn to love ourselves is by simply having some alone time and paying yourself a compliment.

Once you learn to be comfortable with who you are individually, this is going to play a crucial part in how you interact with others and how they see you. When you pay yourself compliments, or affirmations as they are also known will make you start believing in yourself and what you are capable of.

Which is more important, being beautiful on the inside or being beautiful on the outside?

What Really Matters in Our Lives?

Society tells us that looks are all that matters, but what really matters is having that inside beauty and knowing that you are beautiful on the inside. By simply committing one act of kindness a day, you will start feeling better about yourself inside and out because you are helping others and expecting nothing in return.

Healthy is always Happy.

Exercise and diet play a bigger part in learning to love yourself than you think. When you feel and look healthy, you automatically feel better about yourself in every way. Stand up for your beliefs. Asserting yourself and your beliefs will make others take you more seriously. Start focusing on yourself and what you want out of life.

Learning for yourself what you want, will help you better understand and appreciate yourself more. If somebody has something negative to say about you, just ignore them. It’s natural for people to be negative towards each other in some way, but by tuning them out and knowing who you are on the inside, you will eventually start taking their negativity and turning it into something positive.

You have to learn to love yourself before you can truly appreciate everything in life. Once you know who you are inside and out, others will soon start to see everything that you have to offer that they may not have known was there before.

Your Most Important Relationship


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