Who Do You See In That Mirror?

"Mirror on the wall, there is this woman, but something is wrong." Most of the time, we first become interested in someone because of their looks. The reality, which either escapes us, or we don't emphasize to ourselves enough, is that a person's image may not match the reality on the inside. The "deception of looks" can easily lead us astray. It does not tell the entire story; in fact, it tells less than one percent of the story.

The Fairest Of Them All

Looks are awesome. It is good for us to be attracted to the looks, but it is better for us not to settle for just looks. "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?" What do we mean by "fairest"? That is the question we must ask ourselves. Do we mean the most gorgeous physically? Or do we mean one who has a beautiful character, a wonderful heart, and a joyous spirit? Or, better still, do we mean one who has beauty both inside and out? Ideally, we would say we want both. However, we should first discover the truth about ourselves. And the real truth is in the 'why'.

The Deception of Looks

If you have dated before, what exactly were you looking for? What excited you or bored you? What did you settle for or just excused? Did you say such things like: "She doesn't know how to talk to people, but she really is beautiful"? If you settle, the reality is that looks matter more to you than character. You have allowed yourself to be deceived by looks. You have misappropriated the value of looks. The deception of looks has won; you are NOT in love with a beautiful person, but with a beautiful image. You care less for a beautiful heart, and more for a beautiful face. If you marry that person, you set yourself up for frustration, and may one day wake up and regret the life-altering decision you made.

Learn To Enjoy The One You're With

We must order what we value in others. Physical beauty is important, but it is not the main thing. We must observe how the person we are dating interacts with their friends, with strangers, with family, and with colleagues at their job. We must pay very close attention to the individual's attitude towards those with whom they disagree. After observing these things in the one we are attracted to, then we must decide if we are satisfied. If we are satisfied, their physical beauty becomes much more beautiful and it does not appear to be marred by their personality. Thus protecting ourselves from the "deception of looks," and more thoroughly enjoy the one we are with.


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