There is nothing as different as a man and a woman. Women tend to be more emotional while men have a tendency to have tunnel vision and be overbearing. It’s a huge toss up to who would win the grand prize when it comes to playing Mind Games. Women use their looks, their role as a woman, and sex to get what they want, and the combo of all 3 can make for some serious mind games. This game isn’t restricted to just the single ladies, married women seem to get a thrill out of playing games with people as well. How often to do you see a woman dressed extremely sensual, act sexual, and when a man makes a comment to her or a suggestion, she comes totally unglued and goes off on him? Women like to look attractive and feel attractive, but most want to just tease the man and leave it at that just to know she can still do it.

Mind Games People Play

The man’s version of this in observing him when he is by himself and he hugs your neck, maybe a kiss on the cheek and tells you how happy he is to see you. Maybe even tells you he would like to get together for a drink. A couple of days later, you and some friends are out together and you run into the same guy, except he is with his buddies. No hugs this time, he doesn’t even speak. You try to reach out to him and he pushes you away. When you mention if he would like to buy you that drink, he brushes you off and laughs with his buddies. Male mind games!

With the social media platform, playing mind games has never been easier. Again, it’s a toss up to who is the better ‘game player’. The ladies had a lunch together and you told them how you met this guy at work and how much you like him and how he feels the same way. One of the ladies tells you that she thinks he is a player and that you need to be careful. The following day, you carefully ask him about his dating habits and he tells you he is a one woman man. His cell phone is “blowing up” the entire time you are talking. He excuses himself and leaves his phone there for a moment while he answers a business call. You decide to look at his phone and see many other girls’ texting him with sensual text. He comes back and grabs you from behind and whispers that you are the only one he is interested in and not to worry, there is no one else. She decides to get a fake name on Facebook and finds him on there and cannot believe what she sees, he is married!!! Mind games!

In any relationship honesty is always the best policy. Be open with your partner. If there is a reason you are afraid to be honest, then you are in the wrong relationship. It shouldn’t cost you to be honest. Mind games catch up with the relationship in the long run. If you ask a question just to see if you can get a rise out of your partner, your partner is with the wrong person. And remember, if your partner has to hide his/her cell phone, run, run away as fast as you can, because there is someone in that phone that is playing games with him, too.

Mind Games People Play


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