Men fall in love

Securing the man of your dreams may not be easy. The process can be physically, mentally, emotionally and even sexually taxing. The goal is to establish a close emotional bond with your potential that will draw him into the complicated, yet blissful web of love. It may sound odd to chase after Men but leaving everything up to chance may not be the answer either. Here are some ways you can increase your chances of creating that intimate bond that will lead to a long- term healthy relationship.

Seek Out His Opinion

Seek out his opinion - Men can be very egoistic. They want their opinions to be sought after and valued. Making him feel like you appreciate his point of view can be a great boost to his manhood. This will make him realize that he adds value to your life and plays an important role in making your life more manageable. Whether it involves common household issues like insurance policies, or more complicated issues like picking the best places to take your vacation or looking for a nice car, get his opinion. It will send him a signal that you value his thoughts and appreciate his advice.

Don't Be Needy

Don't be needy - Men enjoy time to themselves and respect a woman who is independent. This truth can be difficult for some women to accept. It can be especially difficult when the relationship is in the honeymoon stage. All you think about is spending time with your new partner. Give him some space. This will show him that you enjoy your personal time and are not obsessed with where he is and what he is doing all of the time. Men do not want to be tied down socially. Striking a healthy balance between time spent together and time apart is just one part of the recipe for a great relationship.

Respect His Privacy

Respect his privacy - Women sometimes have a tendency to be suspicious when it comes to their partner. You may find yourself searching for clues of infidelity. And your suspicions completely unfounded. This can be very frustrating for a man. A good rule of thumb is to avoid looking into things that you would consider private. What if the shoe was on the other foot? This means you should avoid answering his phone when it rings, checking his messages, opening and reading his personal items and rifling through his things.

Look around and you will notice the majority of ladies in happy, long-lasting relationships are not drop-dead gorgeous women. They are just normal women who have learned what it takes to win a man's love.

You Could Be One of Them


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