The Difference Between Sexes

There are distinct physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual differences between men and women that when understood helps to develop and maintain healthy relationships. Men are motivated by sight which aids his survival and authority in the “seen” world. Women are motivated by hearing which corresponds to her role as a communicator and establishes her power of influence over the unseen world (a woman’s IN-tuition). So what really motivates men versus women?

The sun has authority over the day because it is the primary light, while the moon has authority over the night in that is represents the primary light at night. These two lights represent or are an analogy of the two sexes. The male species has the authority over the seen world which he is by nature attracted to. Again, a man is generally attracted almost exclusively to what he sees. The female, on the other hand, has the power of influence, which includes sensitivity to and authority over the “unseen” world which she is by her nature attracted to.

Men Versus Women

The man was made from the “dust” of the earth, therefore, he is attracted to external things. The woman was taken from the “inside” of man, therefore, she is attracted to and governed by internal things. Ask a man to describe his emotions or his feelings (internal environment) and you’ll usually get a blank stare. Ask that same man to describe how the hunt went and you will get a montage of assorted “external”, colorful depictions. Whereas, when you ask a woman to describe her feelings and emotions you’ll probably get all you ever wanted to know about feelings and emotions and then some.

In the Book of Genesis, Joseph dreamed a dream about the sun, moon, and the stars bowing down to a single star. When he shared his dream with his father Jacob, he immediately recognized the significance of the dream. Jacob represented the sun, his wife represented the moon, and the stars represented Joseph and his brothers.

Spiritual Significance

The moon controls ocean tides which are the cleansing elements for the planet. "Maid or maiden" of the universe is symbolically referred to as "the moon". The tides provide oxygen for the plankton which is the foundation of the food chain. The same action also mixes the chemicals that constitute our atmosphere which makes the moon absolutely necessary for the maintenance of our planet. A woman’s authority over the “unseen” world or “spirit” realm provides her with the ability to motivate and influence others AND makes her extremely important in relationships and society.

A God-centered woman generates blessings and wisdom, and she has the potential to change the climate and atmosphere of an entire nation. Why are women the dominant gender in most church settings? Women are focused on, and pursuers of,” spiritual” or “unseen” things. Again, a women’s power of “influence” is from inside out, while men dominate from outside in.

Function By Design

A woman by her physiological design is equipped with more language capability and capacity than most men. Women have been given more language potential than men. Women have access to more words. Words are “spiritual” containers. Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and women have more language potential. God has literally entrusted women with the power to create, and the power to “influence” just by her words. (Have you ever witnessed a little tiny woman back down a big burly man just by her words?) But, in the same vessel that God has entrusted creative power, there is also destructive power. Women can become foolish, confused, gossipy, and overly talkative. Men, on the other hand, can become lost in their own pride and egos, unwilling to listen, while having a very “narrow” view of life.


What Really Motivates Men versus Women?


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