There is something about Dating that a lot of men and women—those who are still young at heart, and, even those who were once very young at heart—get excited about. Also, it doesn’t matter if it’s in a face to face setting or between people who are miles apart and just connected by fiber optics. What matters for those who are looking forward to knowing more about the other person or getting to see the face behind the texts and the voice, is the euphoria of getting to meet the other person and the possibility of experiencing a stable, meaningful relationship and not just the casual encounter consisting of exchanges that never really go deeper than the inconsequential.

A Meaningful Relationship

Should you go out on a date? Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with dating. Especially these days when dating can mean different things to different people. For example, friends of the same sex may go out together and call it “dating.” Friends from the opposite sex go out for dinner—that’s also dating. Husbands and wives celebrating their anniversaries also go out on a “date”.

As you can see, labeling something is different from the actual “experience”. The personalities involved in the interaction and incorporated in the setting (in this case, dating per se), are who make it acceptable and gratifying or otherwise.

Whatever you may want to call it, dating serves two purposes. First: to know more about the person you are seeking to be in a relationship with and to determine whether the other person is right for the long-term relationship you may be visualizing; and second: to energize an existing connection, i.e. for those who are currently in a long-term, meaningful relationship.

When this is the case, there is risk involved, especially for those who are not yet fully aware of the intent of the person who initiated the contact, or for those invited to go out by someone who they just met. We cannot disregard reports of abuse that typically take place in dating.

The Bible explicitly emphasizes the worth of purity (I Timothy 5:22), and that we are cautioned to keep away from sexual corruption as our bodies are the temple of God (as expressed in I Corinthians 6:18-20). As nothing happens without our permission, then you should always be mindful whenever you receive an invitation to go out on a date.

Dating can be fun and exciting, especially if you are going out with someone you have already established a strong and meaningful relationship with. But, if you should go out on a date with someone you just met online or have seen only a few times, you should consider thinking about some of the suggestions mentioned earlier before finally deciding.

A Meaningful Relationship


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