American toy producer Mattel has unveiled new specialty Barbie dolls modeled after the well-known English primatologist Jane Goodall and her beloved analysis specimen, a chimpanzee named David Greybeard.

The Goodall doll, which Mattel says will probably be partly made with recycled plastic, sports activities the researcher's traditional beige collared shirt and shorts, in addition to a pair of binoculars and a blue pocket book.

David Greybeard was the chimpanzee on whom Goodall wrote her preliminary analysis papers, which documented for the primary time the species' utilization of instruments.

"I might been suggesting it for a very long time that ladies don't need simply to be movie stars and issues like that," mentioned Goodall in a promotional video.

"A lot of them, like me, wish to be within the out in nature learning animals."

The brand new Barbie is the newest in a collection of dolls Mattel has devoted to feminist or different inspirational icons.

Earlier than Goodall, the toy-maker had produced dolls modeled off tennis star Naomi Osaka, the co-creator of AstraZeneca's Covid vaccine, Sarah Gilbert, and an nameless feminine "robotics engineer."

"My heroes, my fashions have been Tarzan, Dr. Dolittle," mentioned Goodall.

"There weren't ladies doing the type of issues I wished to do... so in all my goals, I used to be a person."

To all of the little ladies who like her wish to be changemakers, the primatologist recommends to "go for a stroll in nature, be taught to adore it after which shield it."

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