Material Possessions Don't Define You

In a world full of smart phones, the ever present internet connection, and a barrage of advertisements, it can be hard to remember that material possessions don't define what kind of person you really are. The things that a person owns are just things, while the things that a person does for others, are the true marks of their character.

Overvaluing possessions

Staying true to yourself and avoiding the pitfalls of overvaluing possessions can be tricky, but it is possible. The best way to focus on self-identification outside of possessions is through interpersonal relationships. The way we interact with those around us is very telling. If we demonstrate respect for all of humankind through acts of kindness, empathy, and patience, then we have truly mastered a skill that is out of reach to those who cannot tear themselves away from the things that they own.

What Do You Value?

Placing value on relationships with friends and family is so vital to our sense of self because human beings are social creatures. There is nothing that a person can own that could replace a human being. It is more than okay to own nice things and to be proud of possessions that you have worked hard to obtain. People take their pride a step too far by becoming more focused on the object than on the way it was earned. No one likes being around someone who does not know how to disengage from their material items and center themselves with real, concrete people and places.

Obsession to succeed

Conversely, it is okay to feel frustrated that you are working hard, but still do not have the means to own a certain material prize. Obsession to succeed is driven by a need to define oneself through possessions, and not through hard work or a sense of achievement. You are not worthless if you have no possessions. Things do not measure real person-hood.

Often the result of basing one’s worth on possessions is a disconnect from those around you. It can be difficult to connect with others because they can sense that they are not a priority. Again, worldly goods do not define who a person is. The only thing that can define you are your actions.

Possessing Possessions

Use your actions, and not your possessions, to build meaningful relationships with the people around you. Human kindness coupled with generosity is the only path to true self-worth. And spending quality time with loved ones not ‘possessing possessions’.


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