Are you ready for marriage? This article is mainly targeted at those dating and wondering if they should take it to the ultimate level of relationship……. Marriage.

So, are you ready to have and to hold, from this day forward, in sickness and in health, for richer and for poorer, till death do you part? Are you ready to keep to these vows not waking up one day and wishing you had your wedding in Las Vegas so you could pack your bags and leave? I’ve thought about this for a while and I have a few questions I would like you to ask you before you as a man get on one knee (or whatever you will do) and pop the big question, or before you as a lady says yes.

Dating vs Relationship: Are You Ready For Marriage?

First, is he/she the one? Let me just lightly touch on this. Can you stay alone in a room for hours without being physically intimate but just talk and laugh? If so, you are on the right path, if not, alarm bells should ring because you will not have sex every day of your marriage and if you can’t talk now, then when will you talk and get to really know each other because last time I checked mental telepathy was still science fiction. So before you marry ask yourself, will you be able to talk with this person until old age?

Second, is one of you always right? If this is true, then no, you are not ready for marriage, one of you is too busy tolerating the other to be ready for marriage. There will be some disagreements in a relationship and they usually end when each party compromises if, in you case, you are the one who is always right then you are a dictator and don’t expect that to change when you get married. On the other hand, if you are always wrong then you are a victim and you will continue being victimized in your marriage.

Third, do you love him/her? Far from the ‘glitz and glamor’ of your dinner dates, walks and movies. If all this were taken away and you were to stand before a jury of your peers and charged with the task of convincing them that you love him/her, would the verdict be a unanimous yes, would the jury be undecided or would it be no? If you cannot show cause as to why you love and want to spend the rest of your life with the person you are dating then think twice. You will always look back to these days and either convince the old you that you love the man/woman you married or you will convince yourself that he/she was never the one and you never actually loved them.

Henry Ward Beecher said, “Well-married a person has wings, poorly married shackles.” The fact that the person you marry determines the kind of person you will become makes it sensible to be sure that the person you want to marry is the one you want to be with and you are the one for them and you are both ready for a marriage commitment.

Are You Ready For Marriage?

Theodore Lovelace


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