Marriage The Best Thing

In today’s world, more and more relationships are over before they have a chance to begin. A main cause of this is that people are too quick to rush into relationships, this is especially true for many who get together under the influence of alcohol. This eliminates their inhibitions and heightens their feelings of emotions, to the extent that they feel they must sleep together immediately. This they mistakenly take for love. As a result, these relationships are doomed from the very beginning. For you to have a satisfying relationship that will last a lifetime, it is essential to get to know your potential partner before rushing into sex.

Sex is a bond between both partners

Sex is a bond between both partners which must be done with commitment. The act of Marriage Is The Best Thing for you to have a long lasting, loving relationship. Because it gives you the opportunity to know your potential partner, their likes, dislikes, ambitions, and goals in life. Therefore, you are more likely to know if he or she is the right partner for you. Committing yourselves to each other by marriage is a way of confirming your dedication to a long term commitment. People are naturally more committed to anything once they have consciously given their word by a vow or promise.

By preparing for marriage you and your partner will get to know each other even better. This is why there is an engagement process, giving you even more time to get to know each other. Coming together in this way acts like mortar which bonds bricks together. Hence, the marriage becomes a binding relationship from the very beginning, and is therefore more likely to stand the tests of time. If People are able to commit to a job for years, some for a lifetime, then why can’t this be done for a partner whom they love and care for.

To lower the present rate of relationship break-ups, it is essential that the act of Marriage is modeled to the youths of today. By doing so there will be fewer relationship break-ups in the future. Fear of commitment is a major cause of many relationships breaking down. It is therefore important to ensure that your partner is willing to commit to you before rushing into a sexual relationship. Added to this, is the fact that many children suffer because of relationships breaking up. It is therefore worth consciously committing to one another by marriage for all concerned.

Marriage The Best Thing


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