If you and your spouse were just married, there is one gift that is better than any honeymoon or wedding present: Beating The Marriage-Divorce Cycle.

The Cycle

At one-time people would attend a wedding and say, “I give it six months.” This might have been a joke at the time but now it is sad but true. Furthermore, the divorce rate is damaging people that are younger and younger.

Individuals that are eighteen through twenty-five get divorced within six months to a year. Individuals twenty-six through forty get divorces within twenty-four months. These are alarming rates that you and your spouse should try to avoid no matter what comes your way. Don’t be just another ‘marriage statistic’!

Beating The Marriage-Divorce Cycle

There are certain principles to beating this cycle. These principles are simple and you or any other couple can benefit from them.

Positive Marriage atmosphere

The first step is to be around a positive marriage atmosphere. You and your spouse should not hang around other couples that talk about divorce or couples that fight and argue about the stupidest things.

Rather, be around couples that are uplifting and have established in their minds not to get divorced and are always positive for the most part.

It would also be smart to join some kind of marriage support group. Every city has some kind of marriage support group. A group like this would either be sponsored by the local counseling center or done privately. There are usually signs around the city for this type of group or they are easy to find on the Internet.

Professional Counseling

Beyond a marriage group, professional counseling is another great step to take in your marriage. Too many couples wait until their marriage is failing to go for counseling. However, it is never too early to go for counseling. Furthermore, going for counseling when the marriage is perfect will assure it to stay that way; even the slightest wave in a marriage will be tamed with counseling.

A marriage counselor can be found privately or through a faith-based community. Each city usually sponsors several free counselors, too; these are free services that you and every other couple want to use.


These are the best methods to follow when considering beating the marriage-divorce cycle. If you and your spouse follow the suggestions discussed here, the word divorce will not be on the threshold of your marriage.

These methods have the ability to work for every couple.

Beating The Marriage-Divorce Cycle



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