All the time of their hearts! Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner gave Us Weekly an unique tour of their RV holiday decorations and revealed how they honor their “angel” son Jonathan yearly.

Stars Show Off Their 2021 Holiday Decorations

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“That is the primary 12 months that we’re going to have a good time Christmas in an RV,” Hehner, 38, completely advised Us of the couple’s digs, which they moved into earlier this year to work on their marriage.

After selecting up their two kids — daughter Henley, 4, and son Hendrix, 19 months — from faculty, Hehner and Otis, 35, handled the little ones to a adorning social gathering. All of them labored collectively to place up a 3rd tree contained in the automobile, along with different festive gadgets like a snow rug, pinecones and a light-up fox and squirrel.

“As a result of each RV has to have a light-up fox,” Hehner joked.

Jamie Otis and Husband Doug Hehner Share the Touching Way They Honor ‘Angel’ Son Jonathan During the Holidays
Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner Courtesy of Jamie Otis/Instagram

The Married at First Sight alums, who lately visited Otis’ household, additionally introduced again their daughter’s Elf on the Shelf to kick off the vacation pleasure. Hehner then enlisted the assistance of his eldest baby to start out adorning the mini pretend tree, earlier than declaring a particular decoration that they ensure that to placed on show.

“Jamie and I attempted to get numerous ornaments that have been related for this 12 months. Henley obtained her ballerina,” he mentioned, earlier than holding up the angel wings for his or her late son, Jonathan, who was stillborn in 2016. “He was our firstborn [who] was too good for earth. So we all the time have angel wings to placed on the tree for Jonathan.”

Otis chimed in, “He went to heaven to be an angel,” therefore the candy decoration. The Bachelor alum defined that the household makes certain to “purchase presents for little boys who could be Jonathan’s age” yearly and donate them in his honor.

MAFS’ Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner’s Relationship Ups and Downs

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The New York native beforehand reflected on the loss of Jonathan on Rainbow Child Day in August.

“I’ve by no means wished for my kids to cease rising up or to remain little ceaselessly,” Otis captioned throwback photos from her being pregnant together with her daughter in 2017. “I thank God each. single. day that they've been in a position to develop huge and robust as a result of their older brother, Johnathan, wasn’t in a position to. I’ll all the time want there had been *one thing* I may have completed to guard Johnathan and preserve him protected so he may very well be right here with us.”

The Hanging With the Hehners YouTube star famous that her being pregnant loss was the “sharpest ache” she’s skilled primarily as a result of she had to enter labor with him at 17 weeks after which ship him.

“[I] didn’t wish to let him go. If they might’ve let me stroll out of that hospital with him, I'd have,” she continued. “As a substitute, I simply held him, kissed him, and rocked him till they took him from me.”

Jamie Otis' Candid Quotes About Her Fertility Struggles, Miscarriages

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The Wifey 101 author, nevertheless, believes that Jonathan is “trying down watching over his little sister and child brother ensuring they’re protected, wholesome, and robust.” She added that Johnathan will “ceaselessly be my child boy and I'll by no means, ever cease honoring you or speaking about you to anybody who will hear.”

The couple, who wed in 2014, have been vocal about their relationship ups and downs, together with their need to dwell in nearer quarters to attempt to assist carry them again collectively.

“We're shifting our household of Four into an RV and we hope that by decluttering & simplifying our lives we can strengthen our marriage & concentrate on what’s most essential in life: household & love,” Otis wrote by way of Instagram in October.

To see Otis and Hehner’s full-decorated TV — together with lights and an out of doors wreath — watch the unique video above!

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