Love Outside The Bedroom

Sometimes after a few years of dating or marriage, a content couple starts to feel more and more content. They don’t try as hard to be a desired member of the relationship, and as a result, what love exists seems to then be confined to the bedroom. Both people in the relationship love each other, but even that has fallen victim to what feels like a routine and rather bland thing to say. How do you change it? Is there a way to turn back time on the relationship and take love outside the bedroom? Well, all possible Cher references aside, the short answer is that yes there is a way for you to change it.


If you have been in a relationship for some time the very last thing on your mind is dating. However, there have been many studies to suggest that couples who never quit dating, experiencing a more meaningful and more passionate relationship. A good practice to get into will be setting up a date night once a week for you and your spouse/significant other. Find the time to do something together, something that is out of the house and requires both of you to look presentable.

Just Because

Allow this two-word phrase to become a regular response to what you do for your significant other in the upcoming months. Take time to determine what would make them happy, and do what that is “just because”. If she likes flowers you send her a bouquet at the office “just because”. He likes to feel needed and essential to the relationship, so maybe you meet him at the door with a smile and kiss in appreciation of his hard work, “just because”.


‘I love you’ is something that many couples say many times to each other each and every day. While there is nothing wrong with this, the implications and drive behind the words start to fade a little with overuse. It might be a better idea to save ‘I love you’ for the one or two moments a day when they seem to fit the best. Get fresh with your vocabulary and let him or her know that it isn’t just love for you it’s everything “about” you.

10 Seconds

Take a total of ten seconds each day and think about your partner while you are preparing to tell them that you love them. There are likely all kinds of things that you love about your spouse’s personality and looks, but pick a couple things and let those be a driving force behind the next time you say that you love them.

Take It Outside

Public displays of affection can be somewhat endearing under the right circumstances. Ideally a woman and a man both want the other to show the world that they are happily taken and off the market. Make sure that you are holding hands when you are out and about, it connects the two of you as an item. Share food or drink items when you go to the movies, sporting events or concerts. This behavior implies more than simply sharing, but a overall ideal that what’s mine is yours and vice versa.

Ultimately, getting the love outside the bedroom takes a joint effort. It is about communication and an effort to never stop learning about who your significant other is. There’s always more to learn and discover, and the dating period of desiring to be close to one another never has to fade away again.

Love Outside The Bedroom


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