Love or Lust?

Does he like, love or lust you? It is difficult to know, and perhaps most relationships go through different stages of these emotions. When I met my husband I realized straight away that I liked him. After we were apart for a while I started to lust for him. When I saw him again I knew I loved him. I wonder if things are different for men. How to know if he likes you

How do you know if he likes you? Falling in love for a man is a gradual process and you should look out for certain signs. In my life I have learned a bit about the dating process. There is one sure way to tell if a man likes you and it is surprisingly simple. When a man really likes you he always listens to you.

You need to watch his body language, but when a man starts to listen to what you have to say, it often means he likes you. Tilting his head to one side when you speak is one sign, and so is sitting slightly forward towards you. Looking you straight in the eyes is another way to confirm that he likes you. As women we are pretty good at picking up on these subtle signals.

How to know if it’s Love or Lust

I am not sure if love or lust comes first. In many cases I think lust comes before love. I wonder how often we confuse our physical passion with love. Men in lust do some funny things. They may buy you the most beautiful bouquet hoping to spend the night. The problem is that us girls don’t see it that way. We may not immediately recognize signs of lust from the opposite sex. As a matter of fact, we think men are just being romantic when they in fact lust for us. When it comes to love and lust, men and women do speak totally different languages.

Signs of lusts for a man could be when he starts buying you expensive dinners and presents. This is his way of telling you that he would like to progress the relationship to the next level.

Looking out for love

Men do fall in love and will at some stage begin to love you. Love is after all not an exclusive female emotion, but what signs should you look out for? Surprisingly, it is quite easy. You should acknowledge that a man loves you when he starts spending less time with his friends. Suddenly the football game he was going to watch with his friends is no longer important. He would rather spend time with you.

You might also find that his friends start making certain comments. Listen out for comments from them which seem to confirm he thinks your relationship is really special. Comments are often subtle but they are there. When a man starts spending a lot of time with you, it normally means that he loves you. Men mostly spend time doing things they enjoy. A man who spends a lot of time in your company, is also a man who loves you. To put it simply, he enjoys being with you.

The lines between like, lust and love are often blurred. All you can do is to look out for tell-tale signs, and try to make the most of your female intuition. Above all, don’t forget to ask yourself how you feel about him. Is it like, love or lust on your part?

Love or Lust?


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