Looking Backwards

The enemy is constantly tempting us to look backwards to keep us frustrated, blind, and bound, rather than trusting God and moving forward into purpose.Here is a subtle trick the voice in your head will try to play on you when God has severed or separated you from bondage to a person or a situation. He has no new tricks. When God was promoting the children of Israel from bondage and slavery into the “land of promise” or purpose and destiny. Their minds were constantly reminding them they had it better in bondage (addiction, abuse, carnality).

While God was performing miracles daily just to prove to them that trusting Him in their “perceived” lack was prosperous, they constantly complained and looked back desiring bondage (addiction, abuse, carnality) to deliverance. The enemy is constantly tempting us into looking backwards to keep us frustrated, blind, and bound, rather than trusting God and moving forward into purpose.

I think many times people have to hit “rock bottom,” whatever that is for them before they realize that the drugs, sex, materialism, self-centeredness — isn’t going to satisfy the void which only a relationship with God can. At some point, they realize they’ve come to the end of a backward path and it has nothing to offer them and no more appeal. At that point, they look higher, reach deeper; answer the call on their hearts that, in all honesty, has probably been there for years. Maybe a person can think they’ve been at that place (of real repentance) before, but apparently, they didn’t hit that final point where they knew beyond any doubts, there’s no going back to that life of bondage — it’s not merely ‘empty’ of God, it is full of pain.


Discouragement can make people backslide. When they place their trust in a person, say a particular teacher, or maybe a close friend or spouse. And that person turns out to disappoint them in some way. Instead of realizing that they’ve placed too much trust in a flawed human being, they dump it all — throwing out the baby with the bathwater, so to speak. People will say they’re turned off by religion, and it turns out to be that someone whom they believed in didn’t live up to what was expected of their role.

Christ is the Rock, truly, and when we find that, we know we’ve taken hold of something durable, solid, unchanging. When we hold on to the feet of others or place them on pedestals, those feet will shatter.

It’s maybe a little harder to backslide when you come to the end of something; after you’ve tapped it out and you’re at the end of your rope.

Constantly going backward it is a very painful way to learn. I just know that for some, they will walk on a lot of shifting sand before they recognize and appreciate the Rock that is the LORD.

Looking Backwards

By Theodore Lovelace


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