If you are seeking love, the thought of successful Long Lasting Relationships is one that could easily give you sleepless nights. It is one thing everyone yearns for but only a few ever live to see – the few that bother to understand what successful long lasting relationships are. Unlike falling in love which sometimes seems to happen almost instantly, relationships have to be nurtured. And it’s so unlucky because if you don’t prune and weed yours, no one is coming to do it for you.

5 Ways To Enjoy Long Lasting Relationships

Nonetheless, it is still very possible for you and your partner to cultivate a successful long lasting relationship. Here are 5 ways to beat the odds and enjoy long lasting relationships:

Needs which affect your reactions and are likely to affect your behaviors in a relationship.

Needs are things you can’t do without. Do you have a need for love that makes you a little too submissive? Are you driven by a need for independence that keeps you away from your partner? Such needs could affect you in one way or another and could have a negative impact on your relationship. Find ways of becoming aware of your needs. Once you know them it’s always easier to stay aware of the impact they could have on your behaviors and reactions.

Know your fears in the relationship

You may have a fear of commitment that makes you run from one relationship to another and unable to build long lasting relationships. It could also be the fear of being alone, one that will make you jump into a relationship without thinking. Or, it could be fear of being hurt, which is likely to deter you from opening up to your partner. Knowing your fears is the first step in combating them.

Are your expectations attainable?

When you get in a relationship, you easily expect that your partner will always be there for you. You also expect that they will love you unconditionally. You may also expect that they will always be faithful to you. When the expectations are not fulfilled, that’s when all hell breaks loose… which should never be the case. Instead, take a moment and think about your expectations. Are they attainable?

Are the myths hurting your relationship?

Every society has its beliefs and when we grow up, these myths are instilled in us and become part of our values. You may for example have grown in a society where it is believed that as a woman, you should do everything for a man. While giving is a good idea, such a myth doesn’t teach you that you should also expect to receive. So in essence, you might never expect what is rightfully yours. Find out how the beliefs affect you within the relationship and only carry on with healthy behaviors that strengthen your bond.

Always play your part in problem solving

Problems will always arise in a relationship; even the most successful long lasting relationships go through misunderstandings. Are you the one who will always fight with a partner just to prove that you are right? You should understand that where there are two people, there will always be two opinions. Learn to accept it when you are in the wrong; whenever you take responsibility, you come out of the argument even stronger.

Successful long lasting relationships demand the input of both parties but it all starts with you.

5 Ways Enjoy Long Lasting Relationships


Theodore Lovelace


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