Finding positive Long Distance Relationship advice is like looking for diamonds in the backyard. Many will testify that the chances of making it work are nearly impossible. On the other hand, there are a few couples who managed to get through the difficult times which distance made even worse. With love there is always hope.

Long Distance Relationship

Trust is the biggest element that will carry a couple in a long distance relationship. There is no place for jealousy when your partner is hundreds of miles away. In such cases communication is key because there is no physical contact to show affection. Learning to talk with one another on many different levels will be necessary in order to make it successful.

Incorporate romantic gestures like writing classic love letters through traditional postal methods. Even though modern times have great ways to keep in touch, old fashioned hand written letters have much more character and sincerity. Remember that there is no way to take a loved one out on a date when so far away from each other. This is exactly why romance should be an “out of the box” mind set if the spark is to be kept alive.

Honesty runs parallel with trust. The option to tell a little white lie will be much more tempting, not to mention easier. It’s crucial to tell the truth because the little lies have a way of creeping in the back door and systematically break down everything. Every relationship needs open and honest discussion, even scenarios that can be easily manipulated. Lastly, but certainly not least important is dedication. Family and friends tend to discourage long distance relationships simply because they take a lot of work. A great deal of self-motivation will be needed seeing as there is bound to be a lack of support.

Keep in mind that emotional instability is part of the package and making decisions shouldn’t be based on feeling alone. There will be times when depression and negativity will open doors to say things that aren’t really true, so watch out for these situations.

With long distance relationships affection is mostly carried through words. In turn words will have more power than normal. Don’t fall victim to speaking your mind because serious damage can be done. Take into consideration that hearing something hurtful will cancel everything good said afterward. “Out of sight, out of mind” is not something long distance couples want to hear, but if they don’t pay attention it will end up being their truth.

Long Distance Relationship Advice

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