Living In The Matrix

“We have made lies our refuge………..” We hide behind pretense and falsehoods!

According to the scriptures, the world we are presently living in is made up of lies, deceptions, phoniness, hypocrisy, and political correctness. Confusion, darkness, and rebellion against The Truth describe the Matrix. This facade produces a people with no sincerity or substance and a society that doesn’t know God and doesn’t want anything to do with Him.

What Is The Matrix

The World is the realm or the Domain of the Matrix (illusion), and The Bible says that satan, who is the god of this world, has blinded the minds of those who refuse to believe the Truth. And because people refuse to believe God, He has sent “strong delusions” because we are attempting to live our lives exclusively based on ‘lies”. Remember, Jesus said this “Liar” is also a “murderer” and he's living in the Matrix killing us every day. As a result, we have learned to place our trust in things and people. Resulting in perpetual let-downs leading to depression and disillusionment.

Think for a minute and picture in your mind all the ‘lies’ we’ve bought into that are killing us: money, power, sex, fame, fortune, entertainment, fast food, political power. Truth is relative. An eye for an eye. Everybody’s ‘right’ and nobody’s wrong. The American Dream has become a nightmare to many. Our interpretation of freedom and justice has caused us to place more people behind bars and kill more of our own citizens than any other country in the world. Every time we believe in any one of the illusions originating from the Matrix it disappears. It rots. It crumbles. Somebody steals it from us. We get tired of it. We get hurt by it. We lose.

Caught In The Matrix

You can be caught up in the Matrix and not even know it until…..IT ROCKS YOUR WORLD!

‘Our thoughts’ eventually form ‘Our world’……”as a man or woman thinketh in their heart so are they”. Each thought I have becomes a part of the collective thought of the Matrix. Therefore, the Matrix can be defined as the accumulation of the thoughts of its residents.  And those thoughts continually and perpetually produce Mediocrity and Misery.

There are three guiding principles that govern the Matrix:

1- The lust of the flesh. A generation literally consumed by sex and sensuality. At the same time, this is a generation which demands comfort. Suffering and doing without is out of the question. Extreme extravagance and greed are characteristic of this generation while leaving others starving and homeless.

2- The lust of the eyes. This is one of the most covetous and envious generations that ever lived on this planet, when we see it, we want it. And we won’t rest until we have it and the “it” becomes an obsession. We’ll lie for it. We’ll steal for it. We’ll even kill for it! But when we finally get “it” we don’t want it.

3- The pride of life. Pride and selfishness rule this generation.  SELF is all that matters. The song that truly identifies this generation. ‘Selfishness’ is the result of being separated from God.

In light of all of this………How do we escape from the Matrix?

Stay Tuned………


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