As I’m sure we’re all aware – throughout history men have often seemed to hold all the cards in comparison to their female counterparts. Women were not allowed to vote until the 1900’s and were often confined to attend to the domestic realm. But we have evolved haven’t we? Grown past seeing gender as polar opposites with completely differing purposes. Perhaps there are still reverberations of the past existing in our daily lives in the form of stereotypes, but women have taken great strides to be in charge of their own decisions, and determine their place in the world without the help of men.

Are We Really Living In A Man’s World?

Of course, we are not completely free from gender roles, stereotypes and expectations seeping into our daily lives. On average, men are still paid more in the workplace when they are in similar roles – making us aware that the glass ceiling is still intact. Also, researchers have found that despite the fact that women are now a part of the workforce, they are still completing the lion’s share of domestic responsibilities (cooking, cleaning, caring for children, etc.). Undoubtedly, this could hold women back in terms of their work responsibilities, because of their attempt to take responsibility for both home and work force.

Clearly, the dynamic between men and women is not perfect – with gender roles seeming as if they are firmly rooted. However, this shouldn’t take away from all the progress made by women! Women have equal rights to men, it is as simple as that. Women have fought and won their equality, and although all the kinks have not yet been worked out – I personally believe that being a woman is kind of amazing. And to all the women who are reading this – here’s why:

-Women live longer (7 years longer on average)

-Women are excellent communicators

-Women own their feelings

-Highly successful women can be found all throughout society (Oprah – talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres – talk show host, J.K. Rowling – author of Harry Potter series, Stephanie Meyers – author of Twilight series, Anna Wintour – editor in chief of Vogue, etc.)

-Approximately 50 countries throughout the world have had a female leader

-Women give birth (no small feat)

This is not to say, of course, that men are not awesome in their own right, or do not hold an important place in society, because they do. This is just an attempt to show that women are contradicting the idea that we are living in a man’s world – one step at a time. So, women, do not underestimate your power!

Are We Really Living In A Man’s World?


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