Like You

Do you want to be liked? Do you want other people to seek your company? Do you try so hard for others to Like You? Do you compromise what you believe in to stay with a person or a group?

If you answered yes to all of the above questions, you have a lot of rethinking to do about your life. We all want to be well liked, in fact, we instinctively seek out other people with the same interests just so we have a group where we are comfortable and where we can be ourselves.

This is not a problem; we all want the same thing. We all want to be liked!

People Pleasing

Then reality steps in and you realize that not everybody likes you. So, what do you do? You do the right thing. Stop trying to make people like you! Every person in the world is different from each other, even twins are wired differently from each other. There is no guarantee that all the people you meet will like you because you do not think the same as everybody else. There will always be a difference, be it big or small, that makes everyone of us unique. You have to accept that not everybody will like you, and some people not liking you is okay.

Stop beating yourself up because some individuals that you have not met or just met, do not like you. It is not all about you, the problem could be with these people. Just as you have issues in your life, they also have their own hang-ups that affect how they view others. There is a lot of truth in what our mothers used to tell us when we were young. The reason why some people do not like you is most likely because they envy you and they cannot be like you. People who envy others are often consumed by it and they tend to be spiteful towards those whom they envy.

When being disliked or ignored makes you feel inadequate, love yourself more by distancing yourself from people who make you feel that way. Have as little to do with people who have a negative impact on you as possible. They will bring you down to their level and they will be satisfied with this. Do not make them happy by being affected by their dislike, leave them alone and continue to live your life for yourself. You do not have to change for others to like you, you just need to meet the right people.

Everybody Does Not Have to Like You


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