It is by no stroke of luck that almost every song belts out the joy or anguish of love and relationships. Such is the powerful influence of relationships, on not just you and me, but the whole world. The beginning and end of every affair may seem to be that of life itself, but we tend to miss the positive effect they leave on us. We grow and become stronger every time we rise or fall, and relationships do exactly the same to us. I will show you how to let your Life Change one relationship at a time.

Life Change Is One Relationship At A Time

You have those past relationships that literally changed your life. They became a yardstick with which every lover was thereafter measured against. You constantly think back and sigh with nostalgia, and probably regret. Remember how high being wanted made you feel at the beginning? You have spent countless hours wishing you could roll back time and do things a whole lot different. The experience made you wise and endowed you with a mastery of love and empathy. If you were willing to learn from it.

Then there are those relationships whose faintest memory feels like a kick to the stomach. You are human, and it's normal to feel that way. However, it is the lessons from bad relationships that we tend to ignore the most. I Am not talking about those nasty lessons from rebounds. Rather, is the positive changes in you that these affairs wrought, albeit painfully, both on and in you, and changed your life for the better. Here is a good example:

Have you ever noticed, no matter how much you detest an ex, you find it difficult or embarrassing to rejoice in their misfortune? And you know this is true. It is because deep down, you realize that the bad relationship taught you much more than just painful lessons. It actually mellowed you, while sinking you into unbelievable depths of despair. To go through a bad experience makes you a much better person. Under all that jaded desperation, is a calmer, more patient and forgiving person.

A relationship gives you the best opportunity to literally intertwine your life with that of someone else. Through this proximity, you learn so much from each other. Whether it’s the pianist who turned you into a classical music fan or the chef whose culinary delights opened your palate to great food, some life lessons and skills invariably accompany love and affection. That is the reason dating different people makes you a more open-minded and knowledgeable person.

After years of kissing countless frogs, nothing beats the feeling of finally settling into a great relationship. It never came to you by chance or hard work. It is the subtle yet monumental changes that took place in you, making you the better, more loving and irresistible lover that you now are. Whatever love situation you are in right now, or looking forward to if you are willing to learn your lessons, watch your life change one relationship at a time.

Life Change One Relationship At A Time


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