Knowing When To Walk Away

In most cases, a lot of people tend to put a lot of effort in a relationship that is already six foot under. Knowing When To Walk Away is crucial since you are the only person able to protect yourself from the emotional distress and even better, you are able to focus your energy on other matters that add quality to your life in general. Usually, the problem is that most people find it hard to differentiate between a relationship that has died and one that is just going through a rocky period. In most cases, many will flee at the initial whiff of trouble while most keep holding on hoping that the situation will improve. So how do you know that things are going south and it is best for you to move on?

You seem to fight more often…….

Initially, fighting and arguments seemed to be very minimal and very subtle. You had small and distant arguments and because the communication channels were wide, you were able to get to an amicable solution very fast. However, recently arguments are the order of the day. They are louder, more physical, and about things that don’t really matter. This is a good cue for you to start writing off the relationship. This is more so the case when neither of you are willing to compromise for the sake of the relationship.

Failure to communicate……...

One of the most vital aspects of a successful relationship is the ability to communicate efficiently and effectively. Because at the core of the relationship communication should be consistently exercised. This is why the infancy of most relationships is very successful. When this channel starts to collapse and your partner starts to do things by themselves, then you might want to consider channeling your energy elsewhere. The most basic things which are the most important, like how one’s day was and financial matters begin to suffer. At this point things can only get worse since you are not sure what your partner might be doing behind your back, and to your dismay you will be caught by constant surprises and revelations that you had no clue were happening.

Your own emotions…….

When It’s Over you don’t have feelings for the person anymore, it can be difficult to show affection and chances are, as much as you are now with the other person out of the fear of hurting them, you might be hurting them even more by your actions or lack thereof. That is why it is vital that when you get to this point, you simply call it quits. Furthermore, you will be causing the other person to invest a lot emotionally to win you back when you know fully well that you will not be able to reciprocate. SO LET IT GO!

There are a variety of other tiny things that you can pick up on to let you know when the fire has died out and when to blow out the candle; such as romance, body language and even the ability to compromise for the sake of a healthy relationship. If any of these do not work, then you know that it is time you moved on to something new and fresh. It may take you some time to bounce back but you have to weigh the following on a scale: Would you rather hurt for a short while or would you rather continue fighting for a relationship that has died and you are unhappy in?

Knowing When To Walk Away


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