Just Do It

“JUST DO IT” the three words that transformed America. in 1988 Nike initiated an advertising campaign in which I feel revolutionized America socially.

There’s been a social and moral decline in America since 1988. in the last twenty-five years the murder rate has increased at exponential proportions. violent crime has risen 332 percent. Students are killing their classmates. families are falling apart. Illegal drug use among our youth age 12 to 25 has risen more than 400 per cent. Stability of family relationships is on a downward spiral.

What’s happened in America?

In public schools where teachers a generation ago reported the greatest challenge to be “talking in class” and “chewing gum”, now violence, drugs, sexual assault and date rape top the list. Have you visited a classroom lately? The disciplined, orderly classroom, providing the optimum learning environment, is now a thing of the past. Students no longer regard teachers with respect, nor take seriously the education teachers try to provide them. What’s happened in America?

Sexual relationships

Sexually we’ve become a nation ruled by lust. graphic pornography and child pornography can be found anywhere and everywhere online. Teachers are having illicit sexual relationships with their students, married teachers with families. In this present generation, the number of teenage girls who have become sexually active has increased to upwards of 80 percent. This increase in premarital and extra-marital sexual activity has resulted in and epidemic rise in STD’s including the spread of the aids virus. What’s happened in America?

What is the cause of America’s current condition? poverty? Education? Entertainment? A society is not an entity in itself but a reflection of the “individuals” which comprise it. Therefore, a declining society is the direct result of the declining lives of the individuals populating that society. To fix an immoral declining society then the individuals must be dealt with. Truth is the individuals who are contributing to America’s current moral decline seem to be lacking a “specific” virtue. A definite character quality absolutely necessary to maintain a civilized society and represents an important ingredient that lends to maturity. individuals in America lack “self-control” and I believe subliminally and psychologically the 1988 Nike ad campaign, “JUST DO IT” inadvertently, socially, planted the wrong seed. Sure it sold shoes but it also sold an adverse social idea.

Morality Killer: JUST DO IT

Look, fill in the blanks……. if you want some sex, “JUST DO IT”. If you want to commit a crime, “JUST DO IT”. If you want to leave your husband/wife, “just do it”. if you want to get high, “JUST DO IT”. If you want to drop out of school, it’s ok, “JUST DO IT”. If you want to get into pornography, “JUST DO IT”.

A few generations ago people were just as human as we are. Like us, they were angry, they lusted, they coveted, they dated, they experienced marital difficulties, but at the same time they were obviously different- they were not programmed to “JUST DO IT”, therefore they exercised greater self-restraint. Now, what do you think? your turn, sound off-



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