If you have been in the dating game long enough, you will meet all kinds of people, both good and bad. When you begin dating, you are full of hope and excitement as you get to know your partner better. In the beginning, you are in love and you might think that you have found the love of your life. However, once the honeymoon period is over, you might start noticing that something is amiss, which begs the question, Is your partner emotionally unstable? If you want to know whether you are dealing with a psychopath, look for the following signs.

The Jealous Partner

You are always being put on the defensive whenever you are seen with a member of the opposite sex. Your partner does not believe that the conversation you were having is an innocent one. Your partner wants to go through your telephone contacts and even checks your text message. Your partner is always seeing other people as a major threat to your relationship and does everything to prevent that from happening, constantly clinging to you. Could be a sign your partner is emotionally unstable.

The “I Love You” Partner

This is a partner who says, “I love you” after a month of dating. Apart from such a situation making you cringe, falling in love a month after dating is not possible. For starters, you may have seen the person just a few times during that period. This is the kind of person who might watch you sleep, only for you to wake up and find selfies of the two of you on their phone. Could be a sign your partner is emotionally unstable.

Momma’s Boy

He consults his mother before he can make any decision. In fact, he might still be living in his mother’s basement. This is the kind of partner who will always compare you to his mother. For instance, you might make him pancakes for breakfast and when he takes the first bite, he might say, “My mom would always spread honey on the pancakes”. If that happens, run for the hills!

The Fairy Tale Partner

When it comes to movies, your partner only likes watching fairy tale or fantasy movies that have happy endings. These are movies that tend to exaggerate a lot and there is always a prince charming that saves the day. Even though some people might disagree, a person who is obsessed with fairy tale romantic movies might not be capable of facing the harsh realities of life. If your partner’s favorite movie is Cinderella, uh oh. Could definitely be a sign your partner is emotionally unstable.

So learn to be very observant when actively participating in the dating scene. And remember, history has taught us that some of the most dangerous psychopaths can be very good at playing the dating game.


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