Signs of a Sociopath

Dating a sociopath is almost synonymous with being around a terrorist hoping that he/she will not harm you. However, unlike a terrorist that may not show pronounced signs to match the label, sociopaths are often easy to recognize. Interestingly, there is no better defense against sociopaths than recognizing the signals early enough. Sadly, despite the signs of being obvious, most people take too long to recognize that the partner they cherish is a sociopath. Is your partner a sociopath?

Intentionally hurting you

No sane human will want to hurt another intentionally, let alone his/her partner. If your partner does this, then you should be cautious, he/she might as well be a sociopath. More often the hurting progresses with time. It starts with criticisms, then name-calling and before you realize it you are a victim of physical abuse. Once it gets to physical abuse, the next stage in this progression is murder. Please don’t wait till then?

Easily gets attached

When your partner has shallow emotions and is quick to commit, you may have more reason to be concerned rather than celebrate. Within just a short period of dating, a sociopath will proclaim his/her undying love and probably propose marriage. Further, sociopaths easily flood their targets with promises, commitments, and flattery to an extent that the relationship looks ideal. This often reveals a shallowness of emotions rather than strong love. With such a partner, you are no safer than with your enemy.

A volatile temper

It doesn’t take long before a sociopath shows his/her hot temper. Most often, they start showing indirect violence. Such actions may include hitting the wall and throwing objects. Eventually, they start to shove you around and soon, you are a punching bag. When you see the slightest indications of uncontrolled temper, you have every reason to be worried; you might as well be dating a sociopath.

De-linking you from your support

Wild animals are known to isolate their targeted prey from the rest of the herd before attacking and devouring them. This is not human. When your partner does this, you are most certainly in a relationship with a psychopath. A sociopath path will turn you away from your friends and loved ones. Sociopaths are good schemers and as such they realize that having people you love around could ruin their schemes. It is for this reason that they use unscrupulous ways to turn you against them and them against you. This way you become isolated and vulnerable to his/her plans. Ask yourself, is your partner a sociopath?

Eliminating your self-confidence

While sociopaths are known to prefer ‘flings’ over long-term relationships, they are also known to engage in long-term relationships solely to gain total control over their target (you). When your partner beats down your self-confidence through overt criticisms, diminishing your self-esteem, and before you realize it, your self-confidence is gone. When your partner always makes you feel like you are doing something wrong, and you feel like you’re walking on ‘eggshells’ around them, then most probably, he is a sociopath.

Breakup Panic

Perhaps this is the time when everything is laid bare and you need not turn a blind eye. Psychopaths can easily dump their partners when they get bored, but in contrast, they don’t take it lightly when the tables are turned and they are the ones dumped. As a matter of fact, any idea of a break-up not coming from them elicits anger and rage.

Essentially, these are some of the major signs that your partner is a sociopath. Although there are multiple signs such as displaying ‘mean and sweet’ cycles, always faulting you, killing your external interests, exercising paranoid control, publicly embarrassing you and constantly testing you, all of these are major warning signs.

Is Your Partner A Sociopath?


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