A Pill for Unhappy?

In this generation, it is so easy to find yourself overwhelmed and stressed out. It’s even easier to find yourself 'stressed out' for a prolonged period of time. For many people, this leads to situations like chronic anxiety and even depression. Is there a pill for unhappy?

In the world of dissatisfaction and depression, the question arises, “is there a quick cure for unhappiness?” It is unfortunate that so many people have to struggle with this issue, but it is equally important to seek out a remedy.

Medicating Emotions

Most people automatically jump to the conclusion that medication is the answer. However, medication is a poor solution for an issue as complex as despair and depression. The truth is medications only treat the symptoms and not the root issue.

Medications work to sort of numb the emotions; make things feel more tolerable. This does help in reducing anxiety or discoursing thoughts, but this will not make you happy. These medications neutralize emotions, even positive emotions resulting in a zombie effect for most people.

Medications should really only be used in extreme cases. Situations in which a person is feeling suicidal or completely hopeless are good examples of when medication should be utilized. However, if you are able to use natural means, you definitely should.

Healthy Remedies

There are so many different types of natural solutions that can help you get out of your rut that doesn't involve medication. Yoga, journaling, and exercising are all good examples of therapies for unhappiness. There are many instructional, walk-through type routines to help people utilize these activities in a way that induces mental positivity or mindfulness.

Anything that induces mindful behavior is very helpful in treating unhappiness. Sometimes all a person needs is a moment to think about themselves 'in the moment'. The perfect way to accomplish this is by doing anything that involves the mind and body working together. This helps a person reconnect with reality and truly think about where they are at that moment in time.

Regaining Contentment

Then, people are able to make the adjustments in their life that are necessary to regain their contentment. You aren’t going to get this effect when you use medications. Medications will numb the emotion, but at some point, the effect of the medication wears off and the original issue (s) still remain.

So, look into some self-actualization by practicing mindfulness, learn to live 'in the moment', and rediscover what truly matters to you. Remember, you’ve never truly lost until you've given up.


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